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 A lot of students must have decided to take admission in Delhi University. Every year students from different part of country join Delhi University.  For outstation students, being in Delhi will be fun with few hurdles. Some of them are listed below:

1. Hostel facility

You are very lucky if you managed to get accommodation in DU college hostels as only 16 DU colleges offer hostel facility. Those are too not very great in condition. Finding a nice place to accommodate is the biggest hurdle for outstation students.

2. PG near college

Students who do not get a hostel seat juggles to find a PG. Make sure your PG is near your college so that you can reach for your early class on time and save extra traveling cost. Look for one which satisfies your requirements like a furnished environment, food and security. Here most of students rent out a flat together and experience sharing in living. Areas near north and south campus provide facility of PG in rate as low as 5k to 15k depending upon services you need in them. Fix all these things before coming to Delhi with packed bags.

3. Diverse environment

The major challenge for outstation students is to get settle in an unfamiliar environment. Delhi and Delhi University allow you to meet different people every day. A change in views and habits sometimes seems hard to accept.

4. Homesickness    

Students often feel homesickness. You are definitely going to miss you family and then a nostalgic feeling will surround you but you can always talk to them over phones.


5. Money

Since now you are living alone in this new city, you cannot be extravagant. You need to save and manage money for the whole month ahead. Look for different ways where you can save money like buying old books or look for eateries that provide student discount etc.

6. Make friends

First and foremost thing you can do is be a friend with born Delhite. He/ She can help you in familiarizing with this new city in few days only. A Delhite knows all the better deals be it for buying goods or for visiting and eating somewhere.

7. Better to be safe

While roaming around youth spots of Delhi, students take auto, bus or metro. Better be safe at such time. Be aware and alert as pick pocketing is common in Delhi. Enjoy with friends but don’t get totally careless. Always have emergency/helpline numbers and keep a check on Google maps for more help.

Coming and living in Delhi can be a roller coaster ride but remember these tips for a good experience. Heedful of hurdles, watch out every step and tip and then your coming three years are going to be amazing years of life.

-Anushikha Chaudhary


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