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After 12thmost of students face dilemma of career as they are unaware of other potential career avenues apart from conventional careers. Delhi University provides some vocational course that can help you in shaping your career. Vocational courses are basically –‘work related ‘or based on practical activities course. Some of them are listed below-

1. Marketing Management and Retail Business

MMRB is an undergraduate retail management course. The course provide the opportunity of learning essential knowledge of retail business and industry and how retail sector work. The course provide employment in variety of environments such as manufacturing firms, construction firms , department stores etc. and education institutions as professors etc. Apart from retail sector graduates can also find job in advertising agencies, airlines, insurance companies and banks.

2. Human Resource Management

HRM is a highly competitive and sought after course. Since the development of any organization depends upon the manpower applied in it, providing organizations such resource with required knowledge and skills is a challenging task. HRM deals with such activities, from recruiting personnel to training and handling other management relations. A degree in this vocational course allow one to find jobs in corporate houses, multinational companies, banking and financial institutions, public and private sectors.

3. Tourism Management

Tourism is one of the great sources of development in economy. These days, a lot of students are drifting toward this course due to its career opportunities. Tourism management course involve tourist resort planning, food service, ecology and environment and other similar topics. Graduation in this course provide you jobs in field like travel agencies, airlines, food industry , hospitality industry, ticketing agencies and government tourism department etc. One can also go ahead in academics as a professor in institution.

4. Marketing management and Insurance

MMI is an undergraduate course that introduces students with process of buying and selling of Insurance. The course covers other hidden aspects of management, marketing and other business practice. Through this programme, students can develop a career in insurance sector, public sector and education institutions.

5. Small and Medium Enterprises

Small scale business covers a wide range of business activities and hence plays an important role in Indian economy. SME is a vocational course that deals with such businesses and has given students a new sector to look for career opportunities. Small entrepreneurs can forward for manufacturing industries, trading industries or service industries like fashion shops,restaurants, real estates and repair shops etc.

6. Office Management and Secretarial Practices

An office runs efficiently only if it is managed efficiently. Delhi University offers one such vocational course OMSP where all the aspects of managing office and other secretarial practice are taught. Graduates are prepared to look for positions such as secretary, executive secretary, professional assistants, marketing& sales assistants and Graduates can find employment in a diverse range of businesses and large corporations.

7. Material Management

This vocational course helps students in understanding the process of supply and use of material in any sector. Material managers keep control of materials and try to ensure the maximum profit. Graduates can find a career in purchasing,supplying and storage. Job opportunities are available in both public and private sector.

Due to the nature of vocational courses , they are not accepted as academics courses and hence students ignore them. Vocational courses are for those students who want to learn and earn early as they directly prepare individual for specialized jobs. They equip students with practical skills that allow direct application of acquired knowledge.

– Anushikha Chaudhary


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