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Guess what? The University of Delhi’s Hindi Department at South Campus is going to have a brand-new studio. Senior Professor Anil Rai shared this exciting news during a get-together called ‘Sanchar2024.’ The university is giving Rs 70 lakh to build the Delhi University journalism studio. The idea is to help students learn everything. From making and sharing news, from writing it down to telling everyone about it.

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Bringing Back ‘Sanchar2024’: Friends Reunite and Share Stories

After taking a break for four years, students of the PG Diploma Hindi Journalism brought back ‘Sanchar2024.’ Around 200 friends, who studied from 1995 till now, came together for this cool event. People like Arvind Mohan, Seema Bharti, Prabhakar Mishra, and Professor Sudha were the ones who started the fun.

Friends’ Stories: Remembering the Old Days

Arvind Mohan, a friend who’s been a journalist for a long time, talked about how things were 45 years ago when he was a student. He’s happy that even now, he’s part of the Journalism Department as a teacher. Another friend, Dharmendra Singh, who studied from 1997 to 1999, shared how students studying journalism face challenges in the news world. He also said it’s important for everyone to work together to make things better.


Advice and Fun Times: Professor Sudha’s Wise Words

Professor Sudha Singh, who has been teaching for almost three decades, gave good advice to the students. She told them how to do their jobs in an honest way. The students also did some fun programs, like lighting a lamp and singing a song for Saraswati (the goddess of learning), to start the event.

Meeting Old Friends: Talking About the Past and Future

Friends who now work in big news companies like India TV, Aaj Tak, Zee News, TV9 Bharatvarsh, News 24, and Nav Bharat Times shared their old memories and talked about what’s coming up in journalism. The students could also ask questions and learn from their older friends.

Building for the Future: How the New Studio Helps

The new studio is not just about having a fancy place; it’s about helping students get ready for the real world. With this new space, they can practice writing news stories, recording videos, and even learn how to talk on TV. It’s like a big playground for future journalists!

Highlights from 100th Annual Convocation of University of Delhi

So, this new thing happening at the university is not just about learning but also about having fun with friends and getting ready for the future.

Conclusion: Celebrating News, Friends, and Tomorrow

In the end, the Delhi University journalism studio is like a big, exciting step for students learning about news. At the ‘Sanchar2024’ party, friends from different years met, shared stories, and talked about what’s next for journalism. Wise words from experienced friends like Arvind Mohan and Professor Sudha made it even more special. This studio is not just a place; it’s like a playground where students can practice and get ready for the real world of journalism. The event was full of fun, learning, and a little bit of looking back at the good old days!



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