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Recent discussions have set Delhi University (DU) and Kyungpook National University to partner. They have signed an MoU to include Korean language courses in India. They signed the partnership agreement on February 26th, 2024. This partnership will promote korean-language courses across the country.

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MoU Overview

The MoU is inclusive of funds for program development and scholarships for exchange students. As per the MoU, South Korea’s Kyungpook National University will fund DU. They will do this to ensure the smooth incorporation and development of new language programs.

Words by DU’s Vice Chancellor

The MoU signing ceremony took place in the presence of DU’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Yogesh Singh. He agreed this partnership in the spirit of friendship between the two universities. He further emphasized that this marked the first step towards establishing a mutually beneficial understanding between the two universities.

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Facilities provided by Kyungpook National University

The initiative has appointed a Korean language instructor. Around 10 students will recieve scholarships from the department of East Asian Studies on an annual basis. This will enable the students to engage as exchange students at Kyungpook National University. The MoU stated this. This MoU will remain in effect for one year. Additionally, it will be renewed on an annual basis for the succeeding three years.

Delhi University and Kyungpook National University MoU

Vikas Gupta, registrar at the University of Delhi, and Professor Hwang Kwa-seok, director of the Institute of International Development at Kyungpook National University, actively participated in the signing of the MoU. They exchanged paperwork following the signing of the MoU.

Gupta stated, “As per the agreement, Kyungpook National University will allocate funds to Delhi University. This will be used to support program development and operational costs at the University of Delhi. This will include renovations for the language laboratory and infrastructure.”


Dignitaries Present

During the event, Public Relations Officer Anoop Lather, Professor Nabin Panda (Head of the Department of East Asian Studies), and other faculty members from the Korean Section, including Chairperson of International Relations Neera Agnimitra, Anil Rai (Dean International Relations for Social Sciences and Humanities), Professor Ashutosh Bhardwaj (Dean International Relations for Science and Technology), along with other officials from International Relations, were also present.



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