The 100th Annual Convocation of the University of Delhi took place in February 2024. Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar and Delhi University Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh graced the event. At the 100th convocation ceremony, over one lakh students received special degree certificates. These certificates prominently feature their mother’s name. They incorporated enhanced security features akin to currency notes.

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Highlights of 100th Annual Convocation of University of Delhi

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar led the 100th annual convocation of the university. He handed out degree certificates to the students. Commending the alterations made to the certificates, he praised the improvements. He praised the inclusion of the students’ mother’s name and their colored photograph. Furthermore, postgraduate students were seen wearing distinctive gold-bordered turquoise stoles. These featured the university’s logo and Shatabdi logo.

Graduates Attire

Students wore traditional Indian clothes and newly designed handloom fabric stoles. They received their special degrees with 17 security features in Delhi University’s 100th year. Undergraduate students were adorned in yellow stoles. Those pursuing Ph.D., Doctorate of Medicine, and Master of Chirurgiae degrees donned red stoles.

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Innovations in Degree

Starting this year, Delhi University’s degrees will have the student’s mother’s name printed on top, along with a colored photograph of the student. These degrees have 17 security features like micro-text, hidden image, invisible ink logo, barcode, and QR code to prevent copying or forgery. This is the first group to receive DU’s special degree certificates. A total of 1,38,020 students received degrees during the event. They included 58,545 male and 79,475 female students. Out of these, 1,30,697 are undergraduate, 7,323 are postgraduate, and 659 are PhD students.

Student Perspectives and Reactions

“It’s a big moment for me. Getting my degree at the 100th annual convocation of Delhi University feels like a dream. The new security features in the degrees are great. We don’t have to worry about their safety or lasting,” said Sandeep Sharma, a PhD student from DU’s History department.

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“It’s a special experience. Delhi University’s initiative to make degree certificates more secure will help students a lot. This was expressed by Bhavana Bansal Gupta, a teacher at Miranda House College. She, too, got her PhD degree during the event.



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