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College life is incomplete without food. Hundreds of memories get created over those table chairs in a canteen when there is one plate of food but hands are more to share the bite. Some of the best canteens where scrumptious food can be enjoyed in every single bite are listed below. Though DU canteens are only for the respective college students yet escorting in by hook or crook for an amazing experience is worth a risk.

1. St Stephen’s College

The college is already renowned for its academics and here in the list of foodies also it is on top.  St Stephen’s is known for its classy crowd and so is their canteen -‘elite’ and ‘sophisticated’.  The canteen serves non-veg dishes like mince cutlets and chicken curry rice dishes, croissants and scrambled eggs with toast. The canteen entry is restricted to college students only therefore you need to have friends there who can help you to get inside.

2. Hans Raj College

Hans Raj College is often considered to be one of the best DU canteens. It is also one of the largest DU canteens which can accommodate more than 150 students. Canteen is esteemed for its reasonably priced and hygienic food. You can enjoy South Indian, Chinese, North Indian food, snacks and beverages. The most popular combo among student is Chocolate Frappe with Grilled Sandwich in just INR 50.

3. Hindu College

Hindu College canteen serves food on price that is light on pocket. The canteen is well known for its North Indian food. The famous tummy filling meals are Rajma Chawal, Shahi Paneer and some South Indian and Chinese dishes, including non-veg dishes and quick bites like samosa, Omelet bread. The college canteen serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and they are equally popular among students.

4. Delhi School of Economics (DSE)

Delhi School of Economics, considered as one of India’s finest academic institution for Economics and Commerce. Besides academic excellence, the DSE Canteen is also a primo known for its Mutton Cutlet, Mutton Dosa and Masala Coke. You can also have lips smacking desserts here. The canteen also serves veg and non-veg Thali at economical rate.

5. Ramjas College

Ramjas College canteen is a three floor canteen, with the first floor being air conditioned. The food served at Ramjas Canteen is prepared by trained cook hence you can imagine the taste and quality of food served here. North Indian Thali and other Indian meals are popular. The homemade food like Rajma Chawal, Kadi Chawal, Chhole Chawal and Chhole Bhature are students love. College also provides facility of ice cream parlor and fruit juice outside the canteen.

6. Lady Shri Ram College

LSR has one of the most stylish canteens. The canteen’s menu has diverse options including Pastries, Tarts, Choco Pie, Cold Coffee, Croissant and Cheese Macaroni. The best part about the cafe is that they prepare a new sweet dish each day such as vanilla or chocolate cake slice, brownies or even pizzas and hotdogs. Some of the other adorable dishes are Keema Dosa, Chicken Tikka Roll, Shahi Paneer and Lachcha Parantha. Ordering them definitely bring smiles on faces.

7. Kamala Nehru College

The canteen at Kamla Nehru College is one of the best canteens in DU. It remain buzzed with students. The canteen is widely popular for its dosas, chicken patties, rolls, chhole bhature, rajma chawal and milkshakes that are lips smacking and tasty. The canteen also has a Nescafe counter which serves hot coffee and tea which is useful mostly at winter times.

8. Sri Venkateswara College

Sri Venkateswara College has a strict vegetarian food only still a wide range of food items are there to eat. Besides South Indian delicacies, they also serve Aloo Tikki, Maggi, Samosa and Fried Rice. The canteen’s menu keeps changing according to the season and so sometime they serve Jalebi. A Cafe Coffee Day kiosk is right outside the canteen. College has large sitting area outside the canteen also.

9. Shri Ram College of Commerce

SRCC canteen is also quite popular among DU students. It is well known for its American and Continental dishes such as Hot Dogs, Continental Breakfast, Egg Sandwich and Scrambled Eggs. It also serves South Indian cuisine for vegetarian lovers. The canteen suits to every student needs and taste.

10. Jesus & Mary College

JMC canteen is equally popular and is one of the best in South Campus. The canteen is popular for its delicious street food, South Indian and Chinese food items with pacifying ambience. Music system playing the trending songs adds extra effect to the sedative environment. The canteen is cool and funky as well. The canteen has bhel puri and sev puri stalls inside the premise.

By- Anushikha Chaudhary (Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College for Women)




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