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The third edition of ‘Jurisprudence’17’, organized by Team Lawrence, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies started with great fervor and ended in boundless knowledge ,bursts of creativity and worthy remembrance that will be revered forever.

Students from various colleges participated, and with their knowledge and skill won the hearts of judges.

The event Vakalat saw enthusiastic participation and hard work from contestants, who had been chosen through an online case study solution round, battle it out as eminent personalities over a critical issue- ‘Uniform Civil Code: A Step Towards Majoritarianism?’

Under table Anarchist was an event which required the participants to use their general knowledge in the first round and then employ all means possible to fulfill certain agendas and come out as victors.

Game X was a riveting murder mystery, where the participants had to narrow down one of them as the murderer and each had to try and prove themselves innocent.

Battle of wits and rest the case were online events which saw participation from whereas parts of India.

The event ended on a high note with the winners celebrating their victory, and the organizing team, a job well done.


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