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Well, who says du means north and south campus when you have college like Deshbandhu which is as good as any campus college.

Deshbandhu College, a constituent college of the University of Delhi was established in 1952 by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, in the memory of the late freedom fighter Lala Deshbandhu Gupta. The college had humble beginnings with a bunch of 72 students and courses like Prep (Arts), Prep (Science) and Pre-Medical. Eventually, the college was transferred to Ministry of Education and then taken over by the University of Delhi. Today, the college has expanded to accommodate around 2000 students in twenty undergraduate and eight post-graduate courses in the arts, the sciences and commerce.

Following are the 10 things only a dbcian can relate to:

1. Elections

Deshbandhu is also known as “chota dusu”. Every Duiite knows the level of hard work and dedication DUSU elections requires. So when it comes to college elections we dbcians take it a hell lot seriously.

2. Satya Niketan

This place which is just outside the college is our personal satya niketan. From veer ji’s rajma chawal to shikanji waale bhaiya, for us, this is surely one of the coolest place to hangout.



NO, CP here doesn’t implies Connaught place or lp for lajpat. This place is deshbandhu’s lovers point which doesn’t looks like it. Since you will always find people here either playing carom or chess hence the name CP. Every dbcian surely would have wondered that what for this place is known as lovers point?

4. Auto ride from Nehru Place

Arguing with auto waale bhaiya for auto fare every morning is like a daily routine to us. Nehru place is the nearest metro station to deshbandhu college. This is one of the thing every dbcian will miss after graduating.

5. So called father of Ramanujan college

 Deshbandhu’s evening shift is now an independent college i.e, Ramanujan college which is built on ground of Deshbandhu college only. So whenever Ramanujan is a topic of discussion, you’ll find dbcians saying “baap baap hota hai and beta beta”.


6.  Cake plaza

“birthday hai? Chalo cake plaza!”

Cake plaza is like Deshbandhu’s national bakery shop.

During this 3 year journey every dbcian would have undoubtedly blown candles on a cake from this shop.


7. Canteen’s tea

The first thing majority of us do after entering our campus is head towards canteen. After finding Ajay bhaiya, our first question is “bhaiya chai ban gayi kya? ”. Even our faculty is a big fan of his tea.




8. Dog lovers

We dbcians are immense dog lovers. Somewhere or the other in the college premises you’ll find students feedings these adorable pups.


9. No chaos in college= absence of pg students

In DU , you find crowd from every part of the country. This fact is much more visible when you come to Deshbandhu college. The real charm of the college is students from outside Delhi. You’ll often find the college empty pre or post 3-4 days from vacations which makes it a dull and uninterested place.

10. Photocopy shop

Exams approaching? No clue about the syllabus or notes because you were either busy in Fresher’s party or fests or farewell. Well why fear when photocopy waale bhaiya is here. Rush to the photocopy shop and from syllabus to notes to everything he’ll help you out.

By- Neha Verma (Deshbandhu College)


  1. The college was in the name of Chittaranjan Das whose another name was Deshbandhu (Friend of Nation). The colony near this college is called Chittaranjan Park.

  2. Hi
    Thankyou for reviving ,my old memories.. kindly mention the college canteen and activities which used to be carried out throughout the whole year in and out.

  3. Hi. How is BA POL SCI HONS course here. Want to know how good the faculty is.
    Being a alumini of this college can you pls help me out.


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