10 Best places in Delhi to eat after Midnight


 Don’t you feel hunger doesn’t have a time to occur, you can anytime feel to fill up your little tummy with savory food. But what when its midnight? If you a night wanderer and love to roam for food then come on there are some places that will love to help you even after 12 of night.

1) MC Donald’s at CP, Saket

Everyone knows about MC Donald’s. One of the best fast food servers whose quality has not degraded ones. It can be called as delights of middle class and yes for midnight crawlers. Ambience is also nice. Burgers, fries, veggies, cola, coffee nothing will let you down.  (12 Midnight to 1 AM).

2) Comesum near Nizamuddin railway station

A convenient restaurant that opens 24/7 just outside Nizamuddin Railway station. You can have a pretty full course meal with family here. It is located near all major railway stations so it can never let you have a journey with empty tummy.

3) Pandara Road, India gate

You can find a lot of outlets that are open after midnight at Pandara road. Among those, Gulatis is very famous for casual dining and serves Indian and Mughlai cuisines. The place provide nice ambience where you can enjoy every bit of dish served in your plate.

4) Little Owl Café near sector 18 metro station Noida

As the name says, place is ultimately for night owls. From 8 am to 5 of morning the place is at your service providing a wide range of Italian and Indian cuisines. From normal snacks to utterly delicious non veg food the café severs everything. You will love this place once you come here. Ultimately a place for hungry night wanders.

5)1440, Hotel Vikram, lajpat Nagar

A restaurant cum lounge with all service of breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar. Place is opened 24*7 for the midnight walkers. Though they have limited food choices at midnight still the options are finger licking good. On the expense side price is high enough but when the hygiene, quality and ambience are counted price seems worth.


6) Ganga Dhaba, JNU

Though only JNU students are allowed so you have to manage escorting in anyhow to grab the bites of nice breakfast and launch served here. The hot tasty pranthas, tea and bread roll etc. etc.  are served here 24 hours.



7) AIIMS, Parathe Wala

If you are around AIIMS and want to get the best Pranatha’s there then this is the place open even after midnight. Place always run out of medical students who are digging Prantha, omelets, boiled eggs and other food options after midnight.


8) Bun Butter and Chai, Patel Chest

Students of North Campus, DU are very well aware of this place. The place serves delicious bun, butter and chai till five of morning. Always buzzed with students and comes in pocket friendly prices.



9) JNU

As said earlier JNU is a place for JNU students only yet for foodies no place can have restrictions. JNU is full of food joints which are always crowded with students who find this place suitable for any time hunger. It runs 24 hours and serves all normal breakfast and lunch options like maggi, pranthas, bread rolls etc. Foodies never miss this place!

10) Murthal at NH1, Haryana

Murthal, a place full of Punjabi meal including pranthas and lassi. At NH1, Haryana you can find this abode which run round the clock, serving food which wake up your taste buds and increase the crave of coming here. Whenever you go this side, taking a break in between and enjoying the delectable food is must here.

Some Extras are-

  • Moolchand Paranthe Walla, Near Lajpat Nagar. …
  • The Booty Call, Satya Niketan. …
  • Little Owl Cafe, Noida. …

Let us Know if your know some extra Spots !


By- Anushikha Chaudhary (Shyama Prashad College)

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