10 best hangout places in Delhi at Night | Must visit

Best Hangout places in Delhi

Experiencing the nightlife of Delhi is a must-have on the checklist of youngsters. And why not? Delhi has so much to offer from peaceful places to clubs with trance music. So, choose your favourite place from the 10 best hangout places in Delhi and don’t dare to miss it!

Are you a night owl or explorer or adventurous? Then you can’t take your eyes off Delhi’s nightlife. You may have heard Mumbai doesn’t sleep at night but Dilwaalon Ki Dilli is also not behind. Breaking the floor till morning and walking at India Gate after dinner gives lifetime memories. So, we bring you the best places to visit in our beloved city at midnight. Let’s jump in!

10 Best Hangout Places In Delhi At Midnight 

1. Murthal

Popular hangout places in Delhi

If you haven’t heard this name before then you are missing something. Because we don’t think that any college student hasn’t visited it once. And it’s very popular among the college-going and families too. And the perfect destination for all Punjabi meal lovers. Further, there are no time restrictions here, opens 24*7! That’s why it tops the list of best hangout places in Delhi at night. 

You will get to see a long chain of pleasing dhaba here. But one must mention here is- Garam Dharam. Yes, you are right it’s the first dhaba of our veteran actor Dharam Singh Deol commonly known as ‘Dharmendra’. So grab your drinks and drive straight to Murthal with your gang!

Location: Sonipat, Haryana

Timing: opens 24 hours 7

2. Moolchand Paranthe Waala

Famous food places in Delhi

If you are a true Indian, then you can’t say no to ‘Paranthas’. Moolchand is the perfect place for late-night cravings. However, it is now served only till 11:30 PM. Earlier it used to open till 5 AM. We know it’s sad but you can still enjoy those hot, stuffed, yummy and delicious parathas before 11:30 PM. 

Moreover, it has been operating for over 50 years and is one of the favourite eating joints for students. In fact, you can get a huge list of a variety of parathas here with savoury ‘Chutneys’ and ‘Achar’. The menu is big enough, that your half tummy will get filled just by reading it. 

Location: Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Timing: 10 AM to 11:30 PM

3. India Gate

Interesting places in Delhi

Do you like silent walks at night? Then this place is for you. Also, India takes pride in having a beautiful and serene memorial at Rajpath. This spectacular monument attracts so many tourists and inhabitants. In addition, this place can give you so many memories as well as good pictures. We all know how our generation is obsessed with social media-worthy pictures. Those small fights between friends for click photos are common to see here. 

Location: Kartavya Path, India Gate, New Delhi

Timing: No timing restrictions 


4. Bangla Sahib

Top religious places

Searching for inner peace? Then don’t resist yourself to walk into Bangla Sahib whenever you like to. So, next time you are having an existential crisis then this is the must-go-to-place. For sure you are going to feel happiness and peace irrespective of how big your problems are. Also, it doesn’t matter what religion you follow, you are going to feel inner peace. It comes in the list of best religious places in Delhi too.

Further, this beautiful Gurudwara is a major place for tourists and inhabitants. Yes, one more thing note here, this Gurudwara appears like the small version of the famous Gurudwara in Amritsar, Punjab.

Location:  Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timing: 24 hours

5. Blue Tokai

Best Hangout places in Delhi
Source: Dineout

Sipping coffee at midnight is the favourite thing to do by night owls. So, beautiful Blue Tokai is best to take a sip of coffee while gossiping with your friends. Moreover, it has several outlets around the city. However, some are only open till 1 AM but still, it’s a good place to have your tasty coffee. But there is one outlet which opens 24 hours Sikandarpur Blue Tokai. Isn’t it adventurous to go on a long drive for a cup of coffee? 

6. Night Safari to Sanjay Van

Interesting places about delhi

The next best place to hangout in Delhi is Night Safari at Sanjay Van. Adventuring at night is something you must experience. It will surely eradicate your boring routine and add some spice to it. The thick woods are spread over 782 acres. So, if you are an adventure enthusiast then contact an agency that organises the night safari at Sanjay Van. Besides, you will get to listen to some unheard stories about Mehrauli and Delhi as well. 

Location: Quila Rai Pithora, New Delhi

Timing: 7 PM to 11 PM

7. Pandara Road

Eating joint in Delhi

In student life, craving at midnight is just as normal as bunking classes at college. Just kidding! Therefore, to fulfil your craving for spicy dishes then head to Pandara road. In the above pictures, the famous shop ‘Gulati’ is a must-visit on Pandara road. Here you will get a variety of delicious ‘Chatakedar’ food. Okay, let us count some mouth-watering dishes for you- Dal Makhani, Rajma Chawal, butter chicken, dum biryani, paneer tikka, gulab jamun, ras malai and more. Oof! Not going to lie, it’s too tempting even to call such names. 

Location: Pandara Road, Delhi

Timing: noon to midnight 

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8. Playboy Club

Best clubs in Delhi

How is it possible not to add clubs and lounges to the list of best hangout places in Delhi? Once you take your feet to the dance floor, you will forget every stress in your life. The great trance music, classy club, chic crowd and amazing lightning will be your best memories. So what are you waiting for, convince your friends and head toward it! 

Dance like no one watching you! And it’s true in the case of clubs. No one judges, you just go there to have fun, not in a Dance India Dance audition.

Location: Playboy Club – Samrat Hotel, 50-B, Kautilya Marg

Timing: Open till 4 AM

9. The Jungle Cafe

Best Hangout places in Delhi

Situated away from the chaos of a city filled with peace. We all know late-night talk hits us hard. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a happy or depressing phase. So, just grab your keys and sit at the Jungle cafe. We have added this in put the best hangout places in Delhi checklist as it’s unfair to think that nightlife is all about loud music and clubs. 

Also, don’t forget to eat palatable food here such as Chaap, Dal Makhani and like. After all, when clubs can’t help you, nature’s lap is always there to comfort you.

Location: The Jungle Cafe – 4, Club Road, Anupam Gardens, Sainik Farms, Delhi

Timing: Opens till 3 AM

10. JNU, Jawahar Lal Nehru University 

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Student life is fun but hectic and pressurising too. But to deal with all those stresses, enter this vibrant location at any time.  As this place is open for 24 hours and is among the best hangout places in Delhi for night owls. Dhabas, food courts open all day and night and serve luscious food. Therefore, you can sit here for hours and hours and have some great discussions while eating great snacks.

For instance, some must-visit dhaba are- Ganga Dhaba, Raju Bhaiya Ka Dhaba, Tapti Da Dhaba, and North Eastern Dhaba.

Location: Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Mehrauli Road

Timing: Dhabas open for 24×7


Bottom Line

We hope now you know where to go when night drinks or thoughts hit you hard. From dancing at clubs to walking in quiet places, there is a huge list of the best hangout places in Delhi. It has everything for you for every mood. In fact, there are so many interesting places, so it’s difficult to resist oneself. We all know every phase of life is heated but when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In simpler terms, Delhi may exhaust you but it does have intriguing places, so go and give some time to yourself! Whether you are alone or with friends, each place will make your moments memorable. Still, thinking to explore the nightlife of our capital city?



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