1. Delhi University College fests

Best things to do you in Delhi University
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One of the benefits of taking admission to Delhi University is that you get a chance to go as well as participate in all the festivities of the University. Almost all DU colleges compete and celebrate cultural diversity and intellectual talent in these festivals. So all of you can go to college and participate in different college festivals, many stars come here and do their concerts.

Delhi University fest varies from college to college and lasts for 2 to 5 days depending on the college. In most colleges, it ends in three days. Let’s know what happens these days.

Day 1- on the very first day there will be a different dance performance, stand-up comedy, poetry competition, etc. Also, some famous you tubers and stand-up comedians are invited depending on the fund of the college.

Day 2 – On the second day, most of the colleges of Delhi University have DG Night. You will be in love with the night. Here you can dance to famous Indian Bollywood songs and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Day 3 – The third and final day is the night you wait for which is known as Star Night where the famous stars of the music industry perform. All the famous fingers like Darshan Raval, Jubin, Diljit, Parmish Verma, Mikka, Jagjit Singh, Honey Singh, and many more are invited for performance.

Just Go out and enjoy these Fest remember these times will not come back. Make as many memories as you can. You will miss these precious moments once college will be over.

2. Virgin Tree of Hindu College

Virgin Tree
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Students celebrate Valentine’s Day by naming the Bollywood actress and choosing the Bollywood actress as Damdami Mai, then pasting the actress’s picture in front of the virgin tree and praying, they assume to be an actress.

Help them overcome the state of unmarried and they will find love and lose their virginity. This unusual puja is done every year on V-Day in the Hindu college. They decorate the tree with balloons, water-filled condoms, and posters of their favorite actress for the puja.

It is strange to hear but it’s an old tradition, In which the current Mr. Fresher of the Hindu college will organize the puja also known as “Panditji”. Pandit Ji will be greeted with the shout of Damdami Mai Ki Jai.

After this the all the students sing the aarti of Damdami Mai in the wish that everyone will find a girlfriend/boyfriend, after the aarti the pandit ji distributes the prasad to Damdami Mai and all the students.

It is believed that whoever worships the virgin tree and eats the parshad of Damdami Mai, will find love in the next six months, and losing virginity within a year. After the worship is over, the students dance with Jayakara Damdami Mai Ki Jai. If you have got admission to Hindu College and want to participate in Virgin Tree Puja then you have to learn Damdami Mai Aarti.

3. Flower Show Of Delhi University:

Things to do in Delhi University

Every year in the North Campus, Delhi University organizes a flower show. This is done to promote compassion towards nature. It is open to all residents, people from different walks of life, and including DU students.

The main purpose of the annual event is to sensitize the students of the Delhi University to actively contribute and participate in the environment by preserving their gifts and beauties.

Many art pieces and beautiful flowers are displayed at this event. Which gives a beautiful message of protecting our nature and appreciating our beautiful gift of the environment. Different collections of flowers were given different names and descriptions.

These models explored themes such as women’s empowerment and the joys and sessions of womanhood, or those that expressed concern over brahminical patriarchy, all had insights.

4. Delhi University Elections

Things to do in Delhi University
As per the official website, Delhi University Election (DUSU) is the representative body of the students from most DU colleges and staff. The elections to DUSU are done by direct voting by the students of the Delhi University and member colleges and are usually conducted in August-September each year.

Candidates of the youth wing of various national political parties appeal for the posts of President, Vice President, General Secretary as well as Joint Secretary. The first Delhi University elections can be traced back to early 1954. Over the years of its functioning, DUSU has produced some of the best politicians in the country, including Arun Jaitley (1974–75), Vijay Goel (1977–78), Ajay. Maken (1985–86), Alka Lamba (1997–98).

Apart from the free movie tickets, free pizzas, chocolates, and trips to water parks given by contesting candidates, we as students have much wider and crucial stakes in DUSU elections. The DUSU is supposed to be the connection between the University administration and the students. Each one of us plays a specific amount (deducted with college fee) every year for the DUSU fund, which altogether amounts to as much as 25 lakhs.

Delhi University Election is ‘expected’ to work for improving the interests and improvement of university students. This includes organizing webinars having eminent personalities as speakers, awareness marathons, cultural occasions & competitions, and enhancing basic infrastructure.

5. Amazing Societies in Delhi University

Institute of Home Economic
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Delhi University is well known for its extra-curricular activities and hence it provides us an opportunity to explore this option as well. Every year people give auditions and make their mark, win accolades for their colleges as well as explore and harness their abilities.

Every college in Delhi University has a various society, so the choice of selecting society depends on students, however many colleges also have some common societies, which will give you the best like ENACTUS, FIS, commerce or economic society, etc. Which you can join. It can give great exposure.

Some of the other societies at Delhi University colleges are – Dance society, Drama society, Fashion society, Music society, Literary society, Photography society, NSS (National Service Scheme), Fine arts society, Debating society. There are also placement cells of college you can also join that.

6 You can enjoy the best food in Delhi

Things to do in Delhi University

Delhi is famous for its food and hence being a Delhi University student you can enjoy amazing food like Momos, Maggi, Pizza, Kulcha. In these three years of your degree, you can enjoy tasty food.
You go to eat at places like Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, Connaught Place (CP), Khan Market, Satyaniketan, Chittaranjan Park (CR Park), INA/Delhi, Haat Nizamuddin, etc.

There are days when you are tight on the pocket, ‘street food’ sounds like the best idea. The real taste of Delhi resides in this street food. While you are in college, don’t miss to taste the thousands of food joints in Delhi. Who knows if you get time for these after completing college or not.

7. Explore Delhi

One of the best things to do at Delhi University is to explore Delhi. You can find out the uniqueness of the old monuments. Delhi is full of beautiful Old monuments. When Red fort and India gate look boring than have a visit to a little far-off place than them, still living in Delhi. Mehrauli Archeological Park, Jamali Kamali Mosque, Purana Qila, Agrasen Ki Baoli, and Hauz Khas fort, etc.

There is an endless list of places where you can go and enjoy with your friends accomplishing chit-chat with greenery around. Take a moment to escape from this technological world and spend some time in the ancient era admiring the beauty of its creation.


If you are a shopping enthusiast, you might like Sarojini Nagar Market, Kamal Nagar Market, Hundson Lane, Rajiv Chowk Bazaar, or more. You can buy trending and crazy outfits in our budget range.

we all need those 3 hours long weekend breaks from studies. Yes, I am talking about movie time. There are a lot of Cinema halls near campuses. Ritz (Kashmere Gate) to Amba Cinema (Shakti Nagar), and of course, DLF in Saket, you can choose the nearest cinema hall to your Delhi University college campus.

The Hudson of South Campus, Satya Niketan is an amazing lit marketplace with the most affordable cafes in the vicinity targeting students and families. Wonderful atmosphere, breathable air, and beautiful landscape. You need to take a useful break from the untold burden that comes with being a student.

The Big Yellow Door and the Cafeteria & Co., Hudson Lane is the lifeline of the North campus. Bringing out the area is the first spot priority for students. The myriad of unique cafes and joints, make it the ideal place for someone who wants a day off.





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