DU warns St. Stephens of voiding admission if college goes ahead with its 15% weightage to interview plan

Delhi University
Source: Hindustan Times

DU (Delhi University) has instructed St Stephens College considering its admission as the universities as allotted 15 per cent weightage to examines for 2022-23 entries for general sector learners. DU (Delhi University) has instructed the university that the entries will be announced null and void if the CUET procedures are not pursued.

Delhi University has instructed St Stephens College after the university rejected to pursue the procedures published by the varsity respecting DU (Delhi University) Admissions for year 2022 and CUET. DU ( Delhi University) has instructed that the entries St Stephens will be formulated ‘null and void’ proposed weightage is not provided to the CUET 2022 entrance examination for undergraduate entries.

AS per the prospectus published by St Stephens for Admission for session 2022-23, learners from all sectors, containing unreserved / General seats will be conceded on the purpose of an 85:15 percentage. 85 per weighting would be provided to the CUET (Common University Entrance Test), and 15 per cent weightage would be provided to conferences. As per DU ( Delhi University), this is an infraction of the protocols published for entries to the new educational session.

DU (Delhi University ) had declared that it would approve CUET 2022 as the main norms for entries. DU ( Delhi University) later on published procedures which noted that entries in all universities will be administered exclusively on the purpose of CUET records of the competitors, which implies, 100 per cent weightage should be provided to CUET 2022.

DU ( Delhi University) and St Stephens have been in a struggle for a long time respecting the entry procedure for the 2022-23 new session. First in the month, DU ( Delhi University) had composed a letter to the contingent university inquiring it to administer entries for the general sector exclusively on the purpose of CUET records.

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