Cardona bra fence New Zealand

Haven’t you heard a tale of Cardona bra fence New Zealand? A very interesting place in New Zealand, where thousands of girls hang their bras on a fence. Why? What’s the reason behind it? Also, there are not only one or two bras hanging there, thousands of tourists are following the tradition. 

If you use the internet or social media often then you must have seen this hanging bras fence. So many pictures of this place have been viral and shared on social media. Therefore, increasing the anxiety of people to know what’s really about. 

So, before getting started on the reasons why they are hanging their inner wears on a fence called Cardrona Bra Fence. First, let’s know the back story of how and why it began.

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Where is this Famous Bra Fence?

This laden bra fence is in Cardona, New Zealand. People who visit this place will surely pass by this fence. After all, this place is world-famous for women’s innerwear. The place has become a point of attraction for visitors and tourists. Also, there is no particular time to visit Cardona bra fence New Zealand. People can visit at any time of the year and become a part of the Bradrona culture. Besides women coming here and hanging their bras and leaving, you will see many people come here to click amazing pictures.

On the tourist route from Queenstown to Wanaka, there are beautiful picturesque points to have a good photo session. Also, on the opposite side is Mr. Whippy, a spot to click pictures. 

When did Cardona Bra Fence New Zealand begin?

Cardona bra fence New Zealand

Don’t get disappointed if we say there are no significant facts about its starting. But, it can be interesting to know what New Zealand says. Four bras had been seen along the Cardrona Valley Road between 1998 Christmas and 1999 New Year, as per the New Zealand website. After this many discussions and gossip were carried out among people. And, gradually in February, the number of bras rose to 60. 

However, sometimes bras decrease in number and people used to think thieves are cutting away the bras and vanishing the fence. But after all this, passers-by and locals start adding the number of bras hanging. Eventually, the fence has made its long way and is still in its place. The place has become so popular that it moves from the main highway to the driveway entrance of Kelly Spaans, Sean Colbourne’s horse trekking and also quad biking business “The Cardrona”.

Different People, Different Reasons 

You might be still curious, what are the reasons for hanging bras on the Cardona bra fence New Zealand? However, this can’t be explained in just single stories. Because there are different reasons heard from people about this tradition happening for years. Many women hang their colorful or of every shape or brand to just hoop on the trend. And some women hang their bras due to suffocation or to feel free. In other words, let their body breathe!


They are doing this to feel free in this world. This is quite an obvious visible reason after women are seen posting pictures with the captions of ‘Freedom’. Their captions indicate the sense of liberation from inner-wear.

Cardona bra fence New Zealand
Source: Facebook

Moreover, women are supporting this notion to create awareness for breast cancer. Accordingly, the fence was renamed “Bradrona” in 2015 for collecting donations to use for breast cancer welfare. Now people are liking it more because of the welfare work. The Wanaka community is working here for cancer awareness. 

Will Cardona Bra Fence New Zealand Get You a Life Partner?

One of the fascinating stories of the Cardona bra fence is becoming popular on the internet. According to the tale, if women hang their bras on this fence they will get a favorite life partner. Quite filmy!

But, the story can be anything, people do this for whatever reasons they find compelling. The most important thing is that it is also happening to people who are suffering from cancer.


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