The culture that our desi force of conservatives that are trying to save is not actually our own culture. These culture are imposed alien cuture imposed by foreign invaders during middle age. Mainly they are known as ‘Victorian culture’ of Christianty and ‘purdah pratha’ of Islam. Both of these are equally hypocritic, unscientific, irrational and suppresive. So our so called sanskari culture is nothing but the suppression of Individuality, free thinking and liberty. Our so called Indian culture is a dead corpse. Its better if they are disposed as early as possible.

So, what is our real culture that should be adhered. A very tricky question but not so complex at all. Try reading our ancient texts of ‘Hinduism’ (Highly communalised by some feudal forces) Try reading the Vedas, Upnishads and other epics. By reading them, I felt a strong sense of freedom and liberation from feudalism and oppression of Individuality of a person. Try reading and researching, you will get the true essence of India. We are living in a post-colonial era. Although we got our freedom from British rule but still we didn’t overcame our mental slavery and sense of inferiority imposed by these invaders. We are still living in mentally oppressed society where individuality is highly controled and oppressed and controled. Our traditions and rituals are mainly the medium of oppression. So how can we overcome this? Only bu emancipating by getting more and more knowledge. Try to find your roots and history. Read books and do research. Talk with intellectuals and influential people of the society. Sincerely learn about things. We can overcome our own misery and weaknesses only through our quest of truth and reality. Freedom, equality, personal dignity are not just theories. They are awarded to every citizen of India only to emancipate themselves from the slavery and oppression. But it is highly unfortunate that how badly we are failing. We are tangled between the set of hollow ideologies and deadly and irrational traditions of oppression and feudalism. We are highly hypnotized by modern consumerism and materialism. Our sense of morality and humanity are all maligned. But we have to overcome this. How? Only through the quest and unending thirst to know the reality.

By- Piyush Kumar (CVS)


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