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You can love it, you can hate it but you can’t ignore it for sure. Delhi is one city that has it all-the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome! You might have heard of Delhi for all kinds of reasons-politics, festivals, crime and many others. However there is always a lot more to it than what it meets the eye. Here are the reasons why this city is probably the best city to visit in India.

1. History:

Delhi is perhaps the only city in India which has preserved its historic roots despite becoming a commercial metropolitan. From the red fort to Chandni Chowk, from Humayun’s Tomb to Qutub Minar you will be transported back in time whenever you are in one of the historic complexes.


2. Food:

The legendary paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk is the Mecca of food lovers in India. Even the local restaurants in most areas of Delhi are known for great north Indian dishes like kadai paneer,butter chicken and chole bhature.Anyone who has ever been to Delhi will swear by its food from roadside street food to exquisite cuisines, Delhi has something to offer for all pocket sizes.

3. People:

It is well said “dil ho toh dilli walo jaisa” yes this is true Delhi actually has colorful and diverse population. You would come across any humble and well spoken people and you would find and meet interesting people with all kinds of personalities here.

4. Fun factor:

Delhi is a perfect host of sports,clubs,bars,shopping places,restaurants,events,and festivals going on at any point of time. No matter what your idea of fun is, you will always have options in Delhi.



5. Girls…:p

There can hardly be a conversation about Delhi without girls of this city. Often misinterpreted in movies and videos, the fact is that Delhi is home to the most amazing Indian girls you might have the good fortune of meeting. They are mostly cute,chubby,sexy,intelligent,well dressed and cheerful. Am I right or not boys?


6. Largest and the coolest university:

Maharastrians,south Indians,manipuris,assamese,haryanavis you would find them all in one umbrella in Delhi university.



7. Delhi is the only city in India which lets you buy Manish Malhotra or Sabhyasachi dresses at extremely affordable prices.





8. And yes how can I forget why do people love Delhi because of the gol gappas which can any day beat kolkata’s puchkas and Mumbai’s pani puri.

So ,raise a toast if you are proud to be a delhite..:)]

By- Aashima Gupta

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