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Popular bazaars in Delhi

We all know how Indians are obsessed with shopping. We don’t need any reason or occasion to shop, we just want a good market and there we go. So, if you also love shopping then here we bring a list of 8 popular bazaars in Delhi to make it easier.

Have you wondered why Delhi comes on top when it comes to shopping? In fact, not only inhabitants, people come to shop here from far away too. The liveliness, vibrancy, variety, quality, and originality sets it apart from other markets. From home decor to wedding dresses you can buy everything here. Furthermore, these markets won’t let you shop without eating delicious street foods. The ‘Chole Bhatore’ of Chandni chowk gives you the energy to keep on shopping!

Now, without further ado, let’s jump into the pool of popular bazaars in Delhi. 

Popular Bazaar in Delhi

1. Chandni Chowk, Moonlight Square

Popular bazaars in Delhi

One of the busiest and full of chaotic markets located in Old Delhi is the main shopping hub for retailers and customers. Is your sibling’s wedding on the way? Then this market is for you. Specifically, Kinari Bazaar has everything you need for your or your close ones’ wedding. You will be happy and go back with the widest smile on your face. 

For your ease, if you are searching for fabrics then move to the Katra Neel. Similarly, if you want electronics items, head to the Bhagirath Palace area. For silver jewellery lovers, move to the Dariba Kalan. And, we have already told you where you have to go if you are coming here for wedding shopping. 

Besides, Chandi chowk will not let you shop with a tired face. In the narrow lanes and this oldest market, you can find palatable, inexpensive north Indian food. 

Location: Old Delhi, near the old Delhi railway station

Timing: From Monday to Saturday 11 AM to 8 PM (close on Sundays)

2. Sarojini Nagar

Famous markets in Delhi

Yes, this is the market from where most of the college-goings shop. After all, such good clothes at mind-blowing prices! And you can bargain a lot and lot, this is what it is known for!  From tiny little tops to winter long coats, you get everything here. Branded and designer clothes which got rejected are sold here. There are lots of shops and stalls which sell a variety of clothes, accessories, handicrafts, home decor items, juttis, Kurtis etc. That’s the reason it comes under the top and most popular bazaars in Delhi. However, if you do not believe in thrifting then this market is not your cup of tea. 

We must say that Sarojini momos and bakery stuff are the most loved street food for shoppers. And yes you can’t resist yourself to shop quirky stuff from Sarojini. In fact, college-going students come here to do ‘Masti wali shopping’ with their gangs. 

Location: South Delhi, near Safdarjung Airport.

Timing: 10 AM to 8 PM (avoid going on Mondays)


3. Lajpat Nagar

Best bazaars in Delhi

Suit and sarees are the love of Indian women and so is Lajpat Nagar. So you have already guessed it! Here you find plenty of beautiful suits and sarees with accessories and bags too. Anyways, not carrying complimentary jewellery makes the look incomplete. Further, don’t worry about the prices, they are very reasonable and the quality is also decent. This is how it makes its way to popular bazaars in Delhi. 

Here you will get all the trending Indian stuff. You find people wandering at roadside stalls, shops and showrooms too. Moreover, if you love mehndi then the market also has talented Mehendiwalas. Also, shoppers must try Chaat Papri here!

Location: South Delhi, near Defence Colony

Timing: 10 AM to 8 PM (Closed on Mondays)

4. Meena Bazaar

Famous markets in Delhi

This Bazaar has great historical significance as it belongs to the Mughal Era. So, the place is crowded with both buyers and tourists. This small lane market with the historic story is inside the Red Fort. If you have recalled the song ‘Dilli Shehar Ka Saara Meena Baazar Leke’ while reading this, this song is inspired by Meena Baazar. The most famous stuff you should buy from here is -beautiful and colourful bangles. 

Location: Passageway into the Red Fort, Old Delhi, near Jama Masjid Metro Station

Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM

5. Chor Bazaar

Popular bazaars in Delhi

Just behind the Jama Masjid, you can find this popular Bazaar of Delhi. In the Chor Bazaar streets, thieves sell their loots at cheap prices. There is one funny thing said by Delhi people ‘If your car parts were stolen, you can buy it from Chor Bazaar the next day.’ We hope now you have got what Chor Baazar is famous for. Basically, it is the market for automobile lovers and sellers. 

It is obvious that here you will only get second-hand, damaged items. It is just your luck that thieves have stolen some new items for you! It is advisable to keep your pockets and bags safe while roaming in this market. 

Location: Near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM (only on Sundays) 


6. Janpath and Tibetan Market

Famous markets in Delhi

So next on our list of popular Bazaar in Delhi is Janpath market. Do you have excellent bargaining skills? Are you fond of silver jewellery and love decorating your home? Do you love vibrant stuff and the market? Oof! Done with questions, so if your answer is yes then this market is for you! 

The lively mats and bedsheets, thread work covers are must take back you home. Those colourful Rajasthani patterns will make your home more lively. It is off from the famous Connaught Place, then, of course, you find several tourists here. This is the best market in Delhi for Indian artefact lovers. 

Location: Janpath, Outer circle of Connaught Place, New Delhi

Timing: 11 AM to 9 PM 

7. Kamla Nagar

Popular street markets in Delhi

It is a very popular Bazaar in Delhi among the students of Delhi University North Campus. They buy trending clothes, accessories, bags, home decor and quirky stuff from roadside stalls or showrooms. From western to Indian, all varieties are here at decent prices, but yes you should know how to bargain. Moreover, you will get to see numerous Korean brand outlets in this market such as XimiVogue. So if you love cute Korean little things then you must visit Kamla Nagar market. After shopping, if you feel hungry then the market has stalls serving delicious momos and kulfis. Mc Donald’s and Subway are also there to make you eat comfortably.

7. Daryaganj Book Market

Best bazaars in Delhi

It would be unfair if we don’t put something for book lovers! In the list of best markets in Delhi, last but not least is Daryaganj Book Market. It is known as the largest weekly book market in the world, spreading over a kilometre. Thus, the perfect spot for all who love the smell of new books and reading. Further, it is only held on Sundays, so half of the problems of attending college, not having time, or working on weekdays get solved here. So, if you are really into reading, then head to the market on any Sunday. You can’t make any excuses!

The books lie on the footpaths or stalls and it’s hard to find the right one. So tell the shopkeeper, so that they can find the book for you! Here, you will get several genres of books such as classics, histories, comics and more. It is important to note the best time to go there is 9:30 to 10 AM to grab desired books. 

Location: Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi

Timing: Opens from 9 AM on Sundays only



We hope you have found what market you were searching for! Shopping is a never-ending thing and so are popular bazaars in Delhi. Also, now you know where to go if you are bored with some cliche market or try to explore another famous market.

We bet once you visit any of the Delhi markets, you will not be disappointed. It is impossible to resist oneself not buying anything from here. So what are you waiting for, keep your bag ready and head towards the best markets in Delhi!



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