1 dead and 4 Injured in Gokulpuri Metro Station Incident

Gokulpuri Metro Station Incident

On Thursday, a section of boundary wall at Delhi’s Gokulpuri Metro Station Incident collapsed which leads to tragic death of a 53-year-old. Also the collapse left four others injured. The incident also led to minor property damage, including bikes.

Rescue Efforts

DCP Northeast Joy Tirkey reported that the person who lost his life was trapped under the debris. He was severely injured which led to his death in Gokulpuri Metro Station Incident. Fire officials as per the reportings were also resent on the spot. Police, with the help of locals, removed the debris to rescue the injured. The injured was to the GTB hospital for treatment. The collapse occurred while the victim was riding a scooter.

Compensation and Investigation

DMRC announced a compensation of 25 Lac for the deceased person’s family. Additionally compensation for the injured people of about 5 lacs. Also, it was decided to give a a compensation of 1 lacs for those who sustained minor injuries. Two DMRC officials were also suspended. An investigation has also been initiated to understand the cause of the incident. It was also done to prevent future occurrences. Metro services at the station were temporarily suspended after the incident.

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Conclusion: Ensuring Safety and Prevention

As the investigation unfolds, it is crucial to focus on preventing such incidents. The DMRC’s compensation and suspension of officials reflect their commitment to accountability. The temporary suspension of metro services shows the importance of ensuring safety. It was necessary before resuming operations.


In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of emergency responders, local assistance, and ongoing investigations are essential in maintaining the safety of metro stations. The DMRC’s actions demonstrate a commitment to accountability and prevention to avoid similar incidents in the future.


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