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One of the oldest south campus college which shares its neighborhood with Ramlal Anand College, Aryabhatta College and Sri Venkateswara College has it’s “own” things that you can relate to, if you are or have been a part of it: 1. Our very own SUNDARI CHOWK and HAWA MAHAL!

The most famous land mark which has the capacity to overshadow even the cool breeze name of college is none other than Sundari chowk and if you are guiding a newcomer to any place in the college then it is impossible not to mention sundari chowk at least, once. But how did these places get their name? This very question came to my mind as well and was equally well answered by a friend of mine. Sundari chowk — where all the beautiful girls aka ‘sundari’ tread. Hawa Mahal — where cool breeze refreshes your body and soul. Don’t believe me, you are always welcome to confirm.

2. Lots of ‘LAWNS’

MLNC’s campus is one of the largest in whole of Delhi university for this particular reason, these lawns and gardens constitute a large part of it and are a great relaxing spots specifically in winters when one really wants to escape the cold classrooms and find the warmth of sun. These places also come in handy for organizing events and other activities during the departmental fests.


MLNC’s canteen is something every student is proud of ; two simple reasons for that! Firstly, It has an inside as well as an outside seating facility and thus can accommodate a lot of students comfortably. Second reason is the delicious and very cheap food rates and a lot of dishes here have an egg variant of themselves: egg fried rice, egg showman, egg Maggie and even egg paratha. You just have to name it (but do not ask for these dishes on Tuesday as canteen serves only vegetarian food on Mangalwar)and did I mention immense variety of ice creams?


Huge number of societies can be found here like Abhivyanjana(The name shared by both Hindi and English debating, poetry and creative writing society), Aadhaar-The Dramatics society, Malhaar-The Music Society, Electra-The Dance Society,Chayankan-The Photography society, Archon-The leadership and Personal Development Cell, Enactus, Leaders for Tomorrow, Fine Arts Society, NCC, NSS Apart from these, there are numerous other departmental societies like Wirtschaft-The Economics Society, Combrosia-The Commerce Society, Rachnayan-The BA programme society, English Literary society, Maths Department Society, Political Science Department Society, Chemistry Department society and many more.

5. Departmental and Societal Fests and Seminars

The above mentioned societies do not exist just for the namesake. Round the year seminars is a common thing in MLNC and this is the reason that it is difficult to find the seminar room empty most of the time and if you ever come to Motilal Nehru College during the fest time(feb-march), you will notice lots of large banners announcing fests of different societies as almost all the societies and departments have their own fests and this usually results in overlapping of events of different departments and societies.

6. Library

Library is huge with all the books you will need to pass your 6 semesters in the college that too in large quantities plus all the famous and relevant journals, magazines and newspapers. There is separate area where you can sit and study with your friends and your own books and is quite comfortable because it has sofas.

7. Jubilee Block

Almost every student want to have his class in J block which is the newest building of the college built on the completion of 50 years of our college. It has fully functional centralized air condition system which you will find working during the admission time and if you are lucky you might find it working some other time as well except for that building is nearest to the gate and has its own drinking water supply that means you don’t need to go far away to fetch water in the scotching heat.

8. Two Functional Gates

This is something that no student can ever ignore because the guard at entry gate will not let you exit from there and the guard at exit gate will not let you enter from that gate no matter what. Yes, you read it rights! There are two different gates for entry and exit.

9. Greenery

Trees are something you cannot help but notice if you pass by the college and greenery is something which usually comes as complementary with large campus as of Motilal’s and during the right time of the year, you will also notice a fair amount of beautiful flowers blossoming.

10. Pahadi i.e The Small Hill !

This small hill which is usually referred as Pahadi by the student can be termed as a place to chill out.
Just next to the canteen, it’s location couldn’t have been more idealistic with usually no teacher in sight.

Ravi Pandey | Eco Hon | MLNC


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