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The UGC chief claims that 202 higher education institutes will adopt CUET UG 2024 scores this year.

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Institutes are part of CUET UG 2024. 

On Wednesday, University Grants Commission Chairman M Jagadesh Kumar announced that around 202 higher education institutions have enrolled to utilize CUET UG 2024 scores for their undergraduate program admissions. Among these 46 are central universities.  More institutions are expected to join.

The UGC chairman announced on X (formerly Twitter): “To date, 46 central universities, 32 state universities, 20 deemed-to-be- universities, 98 private universities, and 6 government institutions have enrolled to incorporate CUET UG scores for their undergraduate program admissions. Additional institutions are also joining.”

Efforts in Organizing CUET UG 2024

The UGC chairman underscored the efforts made by the higher education regulatory body in the nation to organize CUET UG 2024.

Kumar stated that they attempt to enhance the overall testing experience for CUET UG 2024 candidates. They have moderated the entrance exam’s difficulty level, improved accessibility, and minimized logistical challenges. This makes the test less stressful for applicants.

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He further elaborated on the measures implemented by the National Testing Agency. NTA is tasked with organizing the CUET. Kumar informed ANI that the NTA has arranged for additional test centers, introduced hybrid mode examinations, ensured timely issuance of admit cards, and incorporated breaks between exams scheduled on the same day. It is done to enhance convenience and alleviate stress for aspirants.

Kumar emphasized that the introduction of breaks will be beneficial for the students. It will offer them both mental and physical respite. This facilitates smoother transitions between subjects and mitigates stress.

Exam Schedule

He further added that the NTA is conducting CUET UG in hybrid mode this time. This way, the number of centers in cities is expected to expand. It will ensure that students select their preferred centers. As a security measure, students will be able to download admit cards a few days prior to the test.

The third edition of the Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduates 2024 will take place from May 15 to May 31, 2024. Following the completion of the registration process on March 26, the authorities will issue the date sheet.

Kumar affirmed that there would be no alteration in the entrance exam schedule despite the Lok Sabha elections.

NTA will proceed with CUET UG, as previously announced, from May 15 to May 31, 2024. During this time frame, two dates coincide with the election dates: May 20 and May 25.

The students will write a maximum of six papers instead of attempting 10.The reasoning behind this decision is that only a small percentage of students opted for ten papers in last year’s test. However, scheduling the papers becomes exceedingly complex. It necessitates that the test be conducted over several days.

Moderation of Exam Difficulty and Seating Arrangements

Discussing the complexity of the questions, he expressed that a moderate difficulty level for CUET UG questions will be ensured. This approach aims to ensure that students perceive the test as fair and manageable. By tackling questions of reasonable difficulty, students can enhance their self-efficacy. This will foster their belief in their ability to prepare for and excel in the exam independently. This positive mindset among students transcends to successive batches. Hence, reducing their reliance on coaching.


Additionally, the UGC chairman outlined measures to deter cheating during the entrance exam. It included stringent identity verification procedures, such as photo identification and biometric scans, to prevent impersonation.

He added that they would organize seating arrangements to minimize communication among students. They would assign an ample number of invigilators who would oversee the entire examination hall. Additionally, they would carry out random spot checks during the exam.


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