Golden Jubilee of Zoology Department SVC

SVC celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the Zoology Department. It was hosted on February 9th, 2024. The Department of Zoology at Sri Venkateswara College celebrated its 50th anniversary.  The special event aimed to promote health and well-being. Evolvere, the Zoological Society, organized the event. This event featured a free health check-up camp open to all attendees.

Facilities at the Golden Jubilee Zoology Department

The medical camp started at 10 a.m. on February 9th. It offered various health services. They included pulmonary function tests, bone mass density tests, blood pressure checks, and blood sugar monitoring. Dr. Ananya Dubey, a general physician, along with a team of six nurses and two doctors were present. They addressed any health-related queries during the camp. Additionally, Dr. Rashmi Baliyan, a gynecologist, offered specialized consultations.

Event Partners

This event was in collaboration with Primus Hospital, Chanakyapuri. It guaranteed access to cutting-edge equipment for the tests. The camp drew a substantial crowd. A huge number of individuals, approximately 800, participated. They also benefitted from the complimentary services provided.

Support from the Zoology Department

The event was meticulously organized under the expert guidance of Professor Anita Verma. She was the convener of the Evolvere Society. Dr. Perumal Jayraj and teachers from the Zoology Department also contributed.

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The event was a huge success in promoting holistic well-being. Shivangi Gupta and Harshita Jha efficiently led the management of the event. They are the President and Vice President of Evolvere Society respectively.

Golden Jubilee Overview

Upon arrival, the participants registered for various tests. They received a prescription pad detailing the recommended tests. The organizers set up dedicated stations for vital checks. These included weight, BMI calculation, blood sugar, and blood pressure monitoring.

Society Contribution

The organizing team delegated responsibilities amongst themselves. Members of the society were positioned at each camp. They ensured smooth functioning and avoid overcrowding.

Seminar at Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Apart from the health check-up camp, the organizers also arranged a seminar. It was titled “Artificial Intelligence-Driven Early Warning Systems for Clinical and Public Health”. It took place from noon onward. The organizers invited Dr. Tavpritesh Sethi from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. He is an Associate Professor of Computational Biology. He delivered an enlightening presentation on the topic. Dr. Sethi’s was an expert in the field of systems medicine. His insights brought a valuable dimension to the event. He highlighted innovative approaches to healthcare.


Interactive competitions at the event

The event also included two engaging competitions. They were aimed at fostering creativity. One competition involved reel-making. Herein, participants were tasked with creating reels around themes related to ‘Zoology’. Additionally, a CD painting competition was also held. The theme for the painting competition was ‘Environmental Consciousness’. It showcased a unique intermix of creativity and students’ concerns regarding environmental sustainability.

Successful completion of the event

The event successfully provided valuable health insights. It was only possible through the collaborative efforts and expert guidance provided. It also fostered a culture of preventive healthcare awareness within the college community.



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