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Hansraj College: Wheelchair-bound Kanhaiya Kumar belongs to the Nawada district in Bihar. He is on his first voyage to Delhi. He hasn’t come on a vacation, but to earn a livelihood.

For his foremost job, the 24-year-old will be
working on the presumptions of Delhi University’s Hansraj College. The college is in partnership with a nonprofit that has established a coffee shop. It has a creative policy of hiring individuals with disabilities (PwD) as workers.

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All About Mitti Cafe:

Mitti Café, which is being inaugurated on Friday, already has 18 PwDs on its sign-up. As part of their Enactus task, the pupils are working together with not-for-profit Mitti Café, a chain with 200 platforms in Bengaluru.

This is the first in Delhi. Vaibhav Madhani, a 3rd-year student as well as president of Enactus, said, “This café will not only operate as a place for occupation for the specially-abled. It is also an activity hub for PwDs. We yearn this will encourage them to be hired across diverse domains.”

While Nawada’s Kumar, among the 18 new workers, has a locomotor disability, Stuti, 24, has cerebral palsy, as well as Pawan Kumar, 30, suffers from a brainiac disability. Several others use crutches as well as wheelchairs.


A beaming Kumar said, “Everyone in Bihar moves away from the villages in pursuit of a job. I also believed it would be reasonable for me to become financially self-reliant. I grabbed the train for the first time”

Salary Provided By the Cafe:

The cafe proposes earnings varying from Rs 16,700 to Rs 35,000 per month relying on knowledge as well as skills. It was through the Samarthanam Trust that this youthful populace got to understand the employment prospect.

Like Kumar, Arafat Ali, as well as Ghulam Khan, the retired from Meerut and the latter from Sambhal, both in Uttar Pradesh. They have also arrived in the capital for the first time. They are dwelling in provisional housing handed over by Samarthanam.

Ali, 25, noted, “Once we commence working, we will discover habitation quarters nearby. l am very eager to begin this new voyage.” Khan was as excited.”There could be no satisfactory site than Hansraj College to commence working. to a city and I am very keen about being here as well as working.

It is like furthermore proceeding back to our college days,” he said.”Being around students will benefit us in understanding new prospects. The young public is always nice as well as welcoming.”

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Grinning new employees Niki, 21, as well as Pooja Kumari, 22, was at Hansraj for the first time on Wednesday. They are still studying at DU’s School of Opening Learning. Dissimilar to the others who were born with physical disabilities, Niki as well as Kumari both suffered reverses when they were two years old. For Niki, a botched-up surgery limited her to a life in a wheelchair, while Kumari slice her hand with a machine.

Niki stated, “How long could we rely on others for money? We also wished to be self-reliant.” Though she will have to go across from Okhla in south Delhi to the North Campus. She is encouraged to initiate work.



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