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Delhi University: An English teacher at Delhi University’s Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (DDU) College, resigned after 32 years of job on Tuesday. The teacher has groaned that he has not obtained his earnings for the past four months as well as retirement advantages.

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Ratnakar’s Wordings On This Matter:

Pramesh Ratnakar, who mourns Parkinson’s Disease, tied up with DDU College in 1991.“I have not received my earnings. No retirement advantages have been provided either. I suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and might have to go for surgery but due to enduring financial possibilities, I am in a powerless situation. If you demolish your teachers, how can you endorse education?” said Ratnakar.

DDU College is amongst 12 Delhi University-affiliated institutions which are supported by the Delhi government. The release of funds for these colleges has been a bone of argument between the colleges as well as the Delhi government for the past few years. Colleges often grumble that funds are either discharged late or only partly.

Other Teacher’s Statements On This:

A DDU college official asked not to be named. Said that the college has ceased to function to pay wages for the past four months. Since the Delhi government had neither dismissed funds nor issued the sanction letter.

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“We have summoned out from links that ₹42 crores of capital have been authorized by the government of Delhi under the altered calculation which we might get momentarily. Nonetheless, our necessity is of ₹67.17 crore. There is a shortage of ₹25.17 crore. As an outcome, we are unsuccessful to pay salaries to the staff. If the staff is not getting paid, then how can we give retirement concessions to teachers?” the official said.

Delhi government spokesperson did not react to proposals aiming to comment on the issue.

Ratnakar said that he had also put down deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia as well as the university administration on January 12. They are looking for their intervention and release of earnings and retirement help but did not get any reply.

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