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DU Exams 2022 will be held in both online OBE mode and physical mode on an odd-even basis. Hence, the exams to be held in March/ April will be entirely online in an Open Book Format. So, the Delhi University Exams 2022 that is to be held in May/ June will be held in physical mode.

As per the official notification, the odd semester, i.e. I, III, and V will have odd semester exams. Hence, physical exams are for even semesters, i.e, II, IV, and VI.

The examination Dean on DU Exams 2022:

Dean R A Rawat stated that the decision was based on considering the recommendations of the working group for exams. Hence, in the third week of March, DU Exams 2022 for the 1st semester will start after classes wind up on 10th March. Thus, the 1st year students are expected to attend only 15 – 18 days of offline classes after reopening. It’s a collective decision that physical exams for 1st-semester students will be in OBE mode as offline exams require planning. Considering the limited amount of time, proper planning including paper printing, answer script preparations, etc, this is the best decision.

DU Exams 2022: Physical mode in May

For even semester students, physical exams will begin in May. Hence, 2nd year and final-year students will continue to take physical classes and then give physical exams. Also, all the pleas of online exams in May made by students have been dismissed.

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It is mandatory for 2nd and third-year students to attend classes. However, the first-year students were given a choice of attending offline and online classes. Altogether, students from all semesters will be given enough time to prepare for DU exams 2022.

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