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Many of the Delhi University colleges have come up with the concept of open classrooms for their students. Hence, these colleges are holding classes on open grounds and lawns. All this will ensure that enough social distancing is maintained.

After the reopening of Delhi University colleges after being closed for two long years, the majority of the students are showing up in good numbers. Also, there is no option of hybrid mode. Hence, DU students have no option but to come to classes. The varsity is also providing counseling to such students who are facing psychological issues and problems in adjusting.

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Open Classrooms and other covid protocols:

With so many students coming back, the administration is making sure to adhere to all covid protocols. Anju Shrivastava, the principal of Hindu College said that with so many students, social distancing is almost impossible. Also, there is a problem of overcrowding. So, they are trying to ensure that atleast everyone is wearing a mask.

Also, in Hindu College, the principal said that the liberty of holding open classrooms is given to all teachers. In this way, they ensure that overcrowding is avoided.

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Even in Miranda House, the focus is on holding open classrooms. Hence, the principal said the transmission rate is less when people are in the open. Thus, they focus on open classrooms or keeping the doors and windows open when in class.

The Delhi University colleges are also focusing on proper counseling for their students. Thus, both offline and online counseling is provided to all the students who are facing problems. Also, welfare schemes are getting established to support financially weak students.

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