DU Exam Form

Delhi University examination form for December exams has been released with a choice for selecting the mode for odd semester exams. The release of the DU exam form has provided almost a certainty of the commencement of exams in December. However, remote mode and physical mode of exams have left the students in a state of confusion.

The University of Delhi on 24th October released the examination form for the students in semester III/V/VII. The examination form has been released for the regular and NCWEB students while the notification notified that a separate provision will be released for SOL students on DU’s School of Open Learning official website regarding the exams. The deadline for filing the exam form is 10th November 2020.

Even when the official notice for the release of forms has been published on the official website of Delhi University, several DU college has asked their students to wait for the notice and instructions from their respective colleges.

Physical mode or Remote mode in DU Exam Form?

DU Exam Form

The University of Delhi has provided two options to the students for selecting the mode of exams. Out of which the first one is the physical mode and the other one is Remote mode (using ICT-based facility).

According to DU professors, it is being assumed that the option for a physical-mode of the exam is for the students who do not own a laptop, computer, or mobile phone for appearing for exams.


What is ICT based facility in the DU exam form?

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technologies. It refers to technologies that give access to information and data through technology-based communication. ICT is similar to Information Technology (IT) but it focuses mainly on wireless networks, the internet, cellphones, and other mediums of communication.

The term ICT is further used to refer to the convergence of telephone and audiovisual networks with other computer-based networks through a single link of the cabling system. ICT is a broad term that includes any device used for communication including radio, computers, cell phones, satellite systems, television, various other systems, and applications with them such as distance learning and video conferencing.

In simple terms ICT or Information and Communication Technologies in the DU exam form is referring to the option of online mode. The University of Delhi has provided the option for both remote and physical-mode of examination.

Various technology/ devices in ICT include:

Making use of a handheld tablet, computers, projector devices, audio players,  etc.

Does ICT based facilities refer to Open Book exams?

According to Delhi University teachers, ICT-based facilities referred to in the online exam form could be the same as OBE (Open Book Exam). However, the University of Delhi has nowhere mentioned the open book exams. Delhi University college teachers have asked students not to get confused with the term. As the remote mode of exams may refer to different centers in different cities of India. Students have been advised to opt for the option wisely while some Delhi University colleges have asked its students to wait for the notification from the college.

A Delhi University Professor said that the exams will take place in a manner similar to open book exams. The students will be provided question paper via email. The students will then be required to complete the paper in the stipulated time and submit their answer scripts via online mode.


Steps for filling the DU exam form:

  • First, visit the official website of du.ac.in.
  • Now click on ‘Examination 2020’ from the homepage and click on the examination portal.
  • Select the link which reads ‘Examination Form’.
  • Select the name of the DU college and fill in all the details required.
  • Click on the submit button
  • Fill all the details asked in the DU examination form.
  • Select papers and further click on add papers.
  • Once done with the details, click on the final submit.
  • Take a print out of the online examination form.

Students are advised to select the option for the mode of the exam as per their convenience and facilities available.



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