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Jamia Millia Islamia, a big university in Delhi, is thinking about using a test called CUET for students who want to join. This test is for both starting courses and higher ones too. Other universities are using it, but Jamia is still figuring out if it’s the right choice for all its courses. Right now, they are thinking about using it for 15 starting courses and 5 higher ones. Still there revolves questions regarding Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation.

Talking About It: What Happened in the Meeting?

The person in charge, Acting Vice-Chancellor Eqbal Hussain, recently gathered important people from different parts of the university for a big meeting. They talked a lot about usingĀ  Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation for bringing in new students. But here’s the thing – they didn’t all agree during the meeting, so now they’re taking more time to think about it.

Some people at the meeting said Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation could be good for making things fair and simple for everyone. Others thought it might be too quick to decide on CUET for all courses. It’s like when you have a big pizza, and everyone wants a different topping. They need to decide on the best topping for everyone!


Jamia in the Middle: Not Decided Yet

Unlike some other big universities like Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University, JMI is not sure about using Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation for most of its courses. Last year, they tried it a bit for 20 courses, but not for all of them because they had some problems and didn’t have enough time.

Now, they’re thinking about which courses Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation will work best for. It’s like deciding which color to paint different rooms in a big house. Each room needs the right color to feel just right.

Students are Confused: Where’s Jamia on the CUET List?

In March, there’s a big test called CUET for higher courses, but Jamia has not added its name to the list yet. Some students really want to study a special course called MA Media Honours, but they can’t find it on the list. They say if Jamia used CUET, it would save time and give them more choices without having to study for another test.


Students want to know if they should get ready for the big test in March or not. It’s like when you plan to play a game, but you’re not sure if it’s the right game day. You want to be sure you’re preparing for the right day.

Rules to Follow: What UGC Says

There’s a group called UGC that tells universities what to do. They say every university has to let in new students based on CUET marks for starting and higher courses. Right now, CUET registration is open until January 31, but Jamia is not on the list for admissions on the special Samarth portal.

Jamia needs to decide soon if it will follow these rules or choose a different way. It’s like when you have to follow the rules of a game, but you’re still deciding if you want to play it or pick a different game.

Looking Ahead: Jamia’s Plan for the Future

Jamia has many courses – 42 for starting and 81 for higher studies. They want to fully use CUET for all courses from the year 2024-25. But right now, nobody is sure how it will happen, and students are worried about how they will get into their favorite courses.

They’re thinking about the future and how students can have more choices in what they study. It’s like when you plan for a big party, and you want to make sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What It All Means for Jamia and Students

Jamia is still figuring out if CUET is the best way to let in new students. It’s like trying to decide what game to play when you have many options. Hopefully, they make a good choice that helps students and makes things easier for everyone.

In the big picture, the people in charge at Jamia are having conversations about Jamia Millia Islamia CUET Implementation, but nothing is set in stone. Students want things to be clear so they can plan their studies better. Let’s hope that Jamia finds a good solution that makes joining the university easy and exciting for new students. The journey to decide on the right path continues, and everyone is waiting to see what the future holds for Jamia Millia Islamia and its students.



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