10 Day 10 DUSU President : Women Lead at Delhi University Students Union
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Discover how Delhi University is providing a lifeline to COVID-affected students, granting them a second chance to complete their degrees

The big meeting of Delhi University happened on March 8, 2024. The leaders of the university talked about many important things. Let’s look at what they decided:

Money Matters

Delhi University got a lot of money for the year 2024-2025. They will use some of it to pay the teachers and staff. They also set aside money to make the university better with new buildings and equipment. This will help students study in a nicer environment. Additionally, funds will be allocated to improve facilities like libraries and sports grounds, making the campus more enjoyable for everyone. The university is also planning to provide scholarships to deserving students to support their education financially.

Helping Students

The leaders said they will help students who had problems because of the Covid-19 sickness. They will let these students finish their studies without any trouble. Also, students who find it hard to pay fees because of their physical disabilities will get a discount. This is to make sure everyone has a fair chance to study at Delhi University. Moreover, the university will provide counseling services to students who are feeling stressed or anxious about their studies. Additionally, Delhi University plans to organize workshops and seminars to help students develop their skills and enhance their employability.

Less Money for Some

People who have trouble with their bodies will get a discount on the money they have to pay for studying at Delhi University. This is to help everyone have a fair chance to study.


Making It Easier for Students

If a student has only one test left to finish their course, they will get some help. This is to make it easier for them to finish their studies on time. The leaders want to make sure students don’t have a hard time finishing their courses.

Rules for Teachers

Teachers who want to study in other countries have to follow some rules. They must go to a university that is as good as Delhi University. They also have to tell everyone how much money they will get for studying. This is to make sure teachers get good education and tell everyone about it.

Helping with Mental Health

The leaders agreed to keep a program that helps people with mental health problems. They will keep doing this until the year 2025-2026. This is to make sure students have someone to talk to when they feel sad or worried. It’s important to take care of students’ feelings and make them feel better when they are not okay.

In short, the leaders of Delhi University made many important decisions to make the university better for everyone. They want to help students, teachers, and staff so that everyone can study and work happily. These decisions about covid affected students show that Delhi University cares about its people and wants to make sure everyone has a good experience while studying or working there.



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