When you go for shopping for cookware from Cookinglife or some other site, then you can get numerous options to choose from. There are different items depending on the size, shape and material that you can select and bring home with you. However, do you know that while selecting your utensils, you should take care of certain things? It is because the studies show that the type of utensil you are selecting can have an impact on your eating experience. The kind of material that you are selecting or the shape that you are choosing and even the colour can change how your food feels or even tastes when you’re eating it. This is an article that is attempted to make sure to inform you all about these aspects so that you can make an informed choice about what to buy and what to not.

More to know about the study

We know that you may be eager to visit Cookinglife to get that cookware set that you have been eyeing for long. However, we would suggest you to wait a little and know more about this study that can actually help you in making sure that whatever you are buying is worth it. The study was conducted by a team from the University of Oxford and published with the title, “The study in the journal Flavour.” Wondering what the study is all about? Allow us to explain. It suggests that when it is about eating food then human brain makes certain judgments about the item even before tasting. The study was conducted to understand about the influence that colour, weight, and shape of cutlery has on taste of the food. More than 100 people actually took part in the study.

Prof Charles Spence and Dr Vanessa Harrar conducted the study with different food items, including yoghurt and cheese. “How we experience food is a multi-sensory experience involving taste, feel of the food in our mouths, aroma, and the feasting of our eyes,” they also said in an interview with the BBC. “Even before we put food into our mouths our brains have made a judgment about it, which affects our overall experience,” they added.

This is, however, not all. Earlier conducted studies have also shown that crockery can alter our perception of the food we eat or the drink we take. Hence, it is also essential for you to pick the right one while you are shopping at Cookinglife.

Highlights of the study

By now you may be intrigued to know about the findings of the study as that will certainly help you to make the proper purchase either from the renowned website Cookinglife or somewhere else. So, here is a quick look of the highlights.

  1. When sampled with silver or heavier spoon, people rated that the yoghurt seems tastier. They shared that same food item tasteless tasty when offered on a plastic spoon or a cutlery made of a lighter material
  2. When the plates or packaging made of plastic were more rounded, people shared that the food items were more sweeter
  3. People shared that cheese, another item used in the experiment, tasted saltier when they had it from a knife. However, their perception about the same cheese changed when they ate it off a fork or toothpick
  4. The study also concluded that when people eat food items from heavier cutlery or utensils then they think that the dishes taste better

Now that you’re aware of how utensils have an impact on your food, it is time for you to know where to get the best item.

The best place to buy

When you open the Internet to buy cookware or kitchenware, then there is a chance that you end up feeling overwhelmed because of the numerous options that you are presented with. However, here you need to remember something. Thought there are several options, not all of them are worth exploring. What we mean is that there are a very few sites that can present you with best quality products from national and international brands. One such site is Cookinglife. Easy to explore, they have numerous options for you to choose from. Also, they have attractive offers that make your purchase even more pleasurable.


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