UGCF 2022
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University of Delhi Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh remarks that the Undergraduate Curriculum Framework or UGCF 2022 will not reduce the workload of teachers. Moreover, he renounces all the criticism by several teachers of the English Department of the university. 

He said UGCF under the New Education Policy 2020 will implement it from the year 2022-23. Further all the assertions that the new curriculum will lead to a massive reduction in workload. He calls teachers’ claims ‘politicising the issue’. 

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No reduction in teachers’ workload due to UGCF 2022

More than 400 DU English teachers requested VC Yogesh Singh to replenish the workload of the English department. Because they are in fear that their workload will reduce and they will lose their job. Therefore, the Executive Council passed the resolution that no English teachers will be displaced under this new curriculum. 

The letter reads, “UGCF notes that Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC) are offered in the mentioned languages in the 8th Schedule. And, it doesn’t include the English language.” This is the main reason teachers are not welcoming the new curriculum and opposing it.

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MEES will empower women

Furthermore, several teachers critique the system of the Multiple Entry and Exit Scheme (MEES). They said this scheme will lead to an increase in the number of dropouts. So, in addressing this, VC says why will the student drop out if the faculty teach properly.

Moreover, he remarks that the new system will encourage women and empower them. Because it has been observed that women are forced to drop out of college in many situations. Therefore, now they have a chance to join DU or any other university later. And, they will also get a certificate while leaving. 

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