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University of Delhi Vice-chancellor Yogesh Singh announces that planning to offer certificate courses for non-Delhi University students. And this will initiate from the first month of next year i.e., January 2023. 

Further, he said that working professionals, homemakers, and retirees shall be able to pursue their interesting subjects. Also, there is a chance they will be able to attend classes like regular DU students. In this initiative, the candidates who do not belong to Delhi University students will have a chance to choose two courses simultaneously. And, credits or marks will add to the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC).

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Plans to discuss in Academic Council meeting on 3 August

Yogesh Singh also said that the discussion on plans to introduce certificate courses for non-DU students will be on 3 August. As, the Academic Council meeting will be on 3 August 2022. Further, the Vice-Chancellor informs those who don’t want a degree but want to learn skills in a certain field will be benefitted. 

He said, “Several people want to pursue a specific topic and don’t want to do a degree course. So, we are discussing plans to provide certificate courses. Additionally, they can join classes with regular university students.”

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Most importantly, at the end, of course, credits will add to ABC. And students will get certificates for their completion of a particular course. Besides, there is no professionalism barrier, anyone can enrol on such courses.

Eligibility for certificate courses

Yet there is no information regarding which age of students is eligible to pursue courses. Yogesh Singh said that they are working on deciding the eligibility criteria. Though, it is clarified that from students to working professionals, anyone can join. But proper details are not provided. Moreover, this is the best decision for home-makers. Because they can easily learn new topics and gain skills. 

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