Madrasa education

The Chairman of the Madrasa Board applauds the Supreme Court’s ruling to nullify the UP Board of Madrasa Education Act 2004.

Importance of Madrasas in Education

The Madrasa Board Chairman stated that Madrasas play a crucial role in improving literacy rates. It is both at the national and state levels. He emphasized their dedication to educating even the most marginalized individuals. Additionally, he expressed that Madrasas will continue to uphold this noble cause in the future.

Supreme Court’s Intervention

The Supreme Court’s intervention halted the Allahabad High Court’s ruling on March 22 that deemed the ‘UP Board of Madarsa Education Act 2004’ unconstitutional and contrary to secularism and fundamental rights. Following this, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Board of Madarsa Education, expressed his approval of the Court’s decision. He also extended congratulations to those involved in the case.

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Reach of Madrasas

Speaking to ANI, the Madrasa Board Chairman highlighted that there were approximately 16,500 madrasas catering to around 16 lakh students under the board’s jurisdiction.

He affirmed that he welcomed the decision. Further, he extended his congratulations to all those involved in the case. Additionally, he extended his congratulations to the Madrasa students, principals, and teachers.

Resumption of Madrasa Education

He elaborated that Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh will resume classes after Ramzan. Following Ramzan, activities at Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh are set to resume. He added that they would strive to fulfill Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision by blending traditional Quranic teachings with modern computer education. Furthermore, he stressed the significance of Madrasas in improving literacy rates at all levels. He reiterated their dedication to providing education to the most marginalized individuals.

Educational Focus of the Board

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Javed clarified that the board’s focus is on education and the promotion of languages such as Arabic and Farsi, rather than religious education. He voiced concerns regarding the logistical hurdles associated with relocating students, especially girls. He underscored the significance of preserving cultural and religious customs within the educational system.

Words of Congress leader

Earlier today, senior advocate and Congress leader Salman Khurshid commented on the significance of the Supreme Court’s decision. He emphasized the importance of thoroughly investigating the purpose of the Madrasa Board and the essence of Madrasa education. He stressed that Madrasa education not only involves religious studies but also covers various modern subjects of importance.

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Legal Proceedings

Additionally, he mentioned that the court has set the hearing for July. This decision was made taking into account the potential disruption faced by students and ten thousand teachers. During this period, all proceedings, including the High Court’s judgment, would be put on hold.


In conclusion, the developments surrounding Madrasa education underscore the importance of ensuring educational opportunities for all. They also emphasize the need for a balanced approach that respects cultural, religious, and educational values in shaping educational policies and practices. It is crucial to prioritize the welfare and educational needs of students and educators.


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