Zakir Husain College

Zakir Husain College, Delhi University, has come under scrutiny for requesting teachers to pay for the Science Festival.

Controversy: Zakir Husain College 

Zakir Husain College, affiliated with Delhi University, has recently issued a notice. The notice requests faculty members from the Science and Psychology departments to contribute Rs 500 towards an upcoming science festival. This action has garnered criticism from some teachers within the institution. However, Principal Narendra Singh of Zakir Husain Delhi College clarified to PTI on Wednesday. He mentioned that the fee is a registration charge for teachers and is optional for them to pay. The college also requested students submit Rs 250 as registration fees.

Administration’s Notice 

The college administration notified the teachers in a notice dated April 1. They stated that departmental funds would cover the expenses for the festival along with the registration fees for the event. It read:

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“A science festival is scheduled to be organized by the college on April 4th and 5th, 2024. It is for all science departments and the Department of Psychology. The departmental fund and registration fee will cover the budget for this festival.

The administration requests that all faculty members deposit Rs. 500 with the listed teachers. The designated teachers will deposit this amount with the college cashier.”

Criticism and Concerns

Some teachers criticized the decision. They argued that the college administration shouldn’t rely on faculty members and students as “funding agencies” to organize events. According to Abha Dev Habib, secretary of the Democratic Teachers Front (DTF), expenses for such events are typically covered within students’ fees.

“Educational institutions are grappling with funding cuts. Regardless, they shouldn’t rely on students and teachers as a source of funding for such events or developmental initiatives,” she remarked. Habib also criticized A.K. Bhagi, president of the Delhi University Teachers’ Association (DUTA), in a Facebook post. She expressed disapproval of his acceptance of the invitation to attend the event as the chief guest.


Response from the Principal

Responding to the criticism, Zakir Husain College DU Principal Narendra Singh noted that many programs entail such fees. “It’s simply a registration fee that teachers can choose to deposit. It is not mandatory. Such entry fees are common in most programs. He further explained that the event organizers have requested that students submit Rs 250 as registration fees. He further assured that attendees wouldn’t be denied access to the event for failure to deposit the registration fees.



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