DUSU women presidents navratri

DUSU will see ten women presidents lead the student union for a day each during the upcoming Navratri festival. This is a groundbreaking gender equality initiative. It invited student applications for a competition marking International Women’s Day. They celebrated the event on March 8th.

DUSU elects women presidents this Navratri

Beginning on the first day of Navratri, the ABVP-led Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) launched a pioneering initiative. This innovative program marks a significant step towards fostering gender inclusivity. It empowers the student body. Ten female students will rotate as DUSU president, each serving for a single day. They will reveal the names of these students on Friday. The first one will assume office on April 9th.

Details of the Initiative

DUSU president Tushar Dedha informed the media that during each day of Navratri, a woman will lead the DUSU as its president. It will reflect their commitment to Narishakti. This initiative aims to enhance women’s representation in student politics. Dedha also stated that these one-day DUSU presidents will wield full authority. They will empower them to make decisions regarding students during their tenure.


Current Panel Members

At present, the DUSU’s four-member panel includes only one woman, Aprajita. She serves as the secretary. Tushar Dedha is the president, with Abhi Dahiya as vice president, and Sachin Baisla as joint secretary, completing the remaining union positions. The ten women DUSU presidents will be chosen from participants in an article writing contest on ‘The contribution of women in building Viksit Bharat’.

Selection Process

The DUSU, presently under the control of the RSS-affiliated body, invited student applications for the contest on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8. More than 5,000 students actively engaged in the contest. It led to a shortlisting of 500 candidates by a selection panel from DUSU. This panel will determine the final ten students. The announcement of the ten students selected as winners will be made on April 5.

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Notable Former Women Presidents

Alka Lamba, the president of Congress Mahila Morcha; Nupur Sharma, spokesperson for the BJP; Amrita Dhawan, secretary of the AICC; and Ragini Nayak, spokesperson for Congress, are among the notable former women presidents of DUSU.



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