In recent years, with the increase of private schools in India, there has been a decline in a number of students in government schools. Does it mean government schools are not better?  This question always has been the topic of debate ‘which is better –Private school vs government school?’

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Here is the comparison of both type of schools based on following factors:

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India1. Quality of Education

Providing quality education to children is ultimate dream of every parent. The biggest difference parent finds between private and government schools is medium of learning. The mode of communication of many private schools is English. Private schools try to inculcate English in the daily life of students. In fact, now, most of the private institutions teach other foreign languages besides English. It attracts parents whereas children in government institutions are taught in regional language.

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India2. Discipline with learning

Besides providing the quality education, Private schools pay attention toward discipline of every student. As a part of routine, punctuality, hygiene, and uniform is checked every day. They make efforts in grooming and developing the personality of every individual. In government schools, these things are hardly taken care of.

3. Co-curricular activities

Private schools bring more ideas related to extra-curricular and social activities or inter-school competitions for engaging students. Through these activities, they prepare children to face challenges in future. They try to boost confidence and improve the personality of each individual. Besides some good government schools, these activities are less or absent.

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India

4. Academic standards

The Education imparted in both private and government school is based on different standards. While most of the private schools are affiliated to CBSE board, government schools are affiliated to ISCE or state board. There is not much difference between the curriculum set by these two different boards. Still, most of the parents believe that private schools try to go beyond and teach what is required for the level of entrance exams.

5. Facilities provided

Most of the government institutes lack basic facilities like electricity and proper classrooms etc.whereas private school tries to provide an environment that helps in learning better. Apart from education, they provide proper infrastructure and equipment required for the physical development of children.

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India6. Dedication of faculty

Certainly, teachers in government institutes are highly qualified yet government institutes are not able to show a better result than private schools. The reason behind it is the dedication of government teachers and faculty. The teachers are not much dedicated to government schools. In private schools, teachers monitor result of every individual through regular class tests. Private schools are accountable for the results of their students and hence their teachers are more dedicated & hardworking.

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India7. Proper attention

The ratio of teacher to student is small enough in government schools due to lack of classrooms and faculty. They try to accommodate maximum students in one classroom due to which teachers are not able to give individual attention. In fact, most of the government teachers are kept busy in non-teaching works. Government teachers are given duties other than teaching like preparing for the mid-day meal, taking surveys and making ID cards etc.
But In private Schools teachers, foremost duty is to monitor each & every student. thus proper attention is given to the students in Private schools.

8. Fee structure

Private Schools vs. Government schools in India

Though private schools try to provide top-notch facilities for overall development of children, they also charge high for all this. They sustain on student fee for any maintenance in school. High fee makes it difficult for low-income families to afford it. Whereas government schools impart free education up to class 8 so that lower section of society can afford it.


Leaving some good and esteemed government schools, Most of the government schools are in poor conditions. Due to this, even the low-income families trying to send their kids to a private institute for better future. If the government starts funding for good average and monitoring schools, the conditions of government schools can be improved. Teachers should also be dedicated to their work. They should complete their job with honesty. Cooperation of both government and teacher can only change the existing image of government Schools.

Please let us know what you think Which is better? Private Schools vs Government schools in India

Anushikha Chaudhary


  1. At first, Govt of India should taken a step who are servicing under govt, they must be send their children to Govt. School otherwise their INCREMENT BLOCKED as soon as possible


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