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The framework of the four-year undergraduate program (FYUP) being brought under the new National Education Policy in Delhi University has been approved by the Academic Council (AC) of DU. Under this, now leaving studies anytime, you will be able to come back any time and complete it. In this way, they will get the option of multiple entries and multiple exits. After completing three years of undergraduate studies, two years of post-graduation will be required. Whereas after completing four years of courses (FYUP), one-year post-graduate studies will have to be completed.

Now the FYUP framework will be put up for passing in the next Executive Council meeting to be held on August 30. After getting approval from here, it can be implemented from session 2022-23. The course names will be Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Bachelor of Science (Hons), and Bachelor of Commerce (Hons).

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Multiple entries and exit provision

Academic Council Member Dr. Sundhashu Kumar said that with the approval of the FYUP course, now a provision has been made for multiple entries and exits in the four-year program. In this way, the student will be able to leave his course and return anytime and complete his course. After completing one year course, you will get a certificate, diploma for two years, degree for three years, and degree with research on completion of four years courses.

After completing three years of studies, he will have to complete two years of post-graduation, while on completing four years, of course, a student will have to complete one year of post-graduation. Sudhanshu Kumar told that after graduating one year MA, 12 papers will have to be read, whereas till now there were 16 papers in MA.

No entrance exam for admission from one year to another

If a student of DU leaves his studies and comes from one year to another to take admission, then he does not have to take the entrance exam. Whereas a student of any other university will have to give an entrance test for admission.


Indian languages paper reduced

The Indian language papers have been reduced under the four-year program. Academic Council members Dr. Alok Ranjan Pandey and Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar said that we do not agree with many aspects of the format of the four-year course. The format of this course is reducing the workload of not only Indian languages but also commerce subjects.

Earlier Hindi was taught compulsorily in two semesters, now it has been changed to English/Indian language. There are eight generic electric papers in this format and 12 core papers. This is not right. Now English and Indian language papers have been done. Students will prefer English and not take the Indian language.

Members say that in making the draft of this four-year course (FYUP), the opinion of the college teachers, the staff council of the college as well as the council of departments have not been consulted. Therefore, this format should be sent to the members for smooth implementation.

Names for new colleges will be decided by the Vice-Chancellor

Delhi University is preparing to open two new colleges soon. The names of these colleges were to be stamped in the AC, but the AC has left the responsibility on the Vice-Chancellor. The names of Veer Savarkar, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Savitri Bai Phule, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sardar Patel, Swami Vivekananda, Chaudhary Brahmaprakash were suggested for the colleges.

LLB and LLM students will get online case material free of cost

LLB and LLM students in DU will get online case material free of cost.1000 per semester fee was being charged from LLB students and Rs 1250 per semester for LLB students for online case material.


Ten new courses will soon start in five colleges of Delhi University. The Academic Council of DU has approved the introduction of the certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses in colleges. With the start of the courses, there will be an increase in the number of seats in the colleges. The benefit of increasing the seats will be only for the students. Now they will be placed in the next Executive Council meeting to be held on August 30 for approval. From where colleges can start these courses after getting approval.

DU Academic Council member Dr. Alok Ranjan Pandey said that many important decisions have been taken in the meeting of the Academic Council, one of the important decisions being that approval has been given to start some courses in some colleges. AC has given a green signal to start ten colleges in five colleges. To start Honors courses out of these, colleges will have to get approval from the UGC. So it cannot start now.

Hansraj College has got approval for a maximum of three honors courses. It is noteworthy that at present most of the science courses in this college are there. The total number of seats in the college is 1200. If the honors courses are approved, then the number of seats will increase by 100 seats. This will also increase the admission opportunities for the students.



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