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There came a time in my life when I cried to a friend going on and on about how sad life can be and the only thing he told me was that life may or may not be many things but certainly, life is uncertain. It is so unpredictable and to not enjoy the journey is simply wastage of a great present. In light of therefore further enlightening, let’s share some absolute lifestyle mistakes under the brackets of “Life is too short”. Life is too short to…..

 1. To be in Wrong Relationships

Life is too short to waste on people who take away your happiness. Something that goes without saying is break free of the wrong relationships. Nothing else deprives you more of the happiness you deserve. Sticking to the people who suck out your happiness is probably one of your worst curses. #Breakfree.

2. To Waste away

The clock is ticking…have you ticked off everything on your bucket list? The biggest myth is that you can enjoy later, trust me, you can’t. A friend of mine tells me life is too short to eat all the food and that my friends, is the ultimate honest thing. Can you grab all those adventure experiences, travel lists, pursuits in just one life? Begin Today.

3. To Worry

Have you ever read the summary of Bhagavad Geeta? (You must!) Geeta says that you are not of this body and this body is not yours. Why does one worry for no reason? Who can harm you? Soul is never born, it never dies. What do you think have you lost? You never brought anything, and you surely aren’t taking anything either.

4. To Procrastinate

Have you hit the Gym yet? Or completed those assignments or applied for that internship? Another brilliant exercise is asking yourself what would you do if the world is to end in 10 days? You never know which small change in your habits can change your life for good. Life is indeed too short to postpone.

5. To Plot Revenge

Plotting revenge may give you momentary happiness but then for long term satisfaction you have to hug the power of forgiveness. Magic moves in two words “Let Go”. Revenge is nothing but the weapon of weak. Carry your scars and showcase them in your success speech.

6. To pay heed to Bad Vibes

Another great reason of happy being is the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Ever heard about power of attraction? What you visualize you create. What you think becomes. Getting rid of bad vibes is your premiere step on the trails of happiness. Everything can appear or vanish in the blink of an eye; it all depends on what you attract. “Power is in positive.”

7. To Wait

The founder of DU Updates also agrees that opportunities, in any sphere of life, love or professional, do not wait for you, why are you holding back? Life is too short to wait to step towards your goals. To wait once is to wait forever.

8. To Ignore

And among-st this, I would like to emphasize life is too short to ignore or rather it is not too short to ignore. Ignorance is not bliss when our earth is on the brink of exploitation. If we begin to ignore global warming, water crisis in Cape Town, the mass killings in Syria then surely even our end is not far.

Life is not lost on deathbed but rather it walks out minute by minute, slowly. So let me know in the comments what are you going to do now, since life is too short, no?

Words of: Divya Singal


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