Buyers/Consumers are the soul of any business, no matter which sector business it is. Buyers can be the makers or the breakers of the enterprise, they are the ultimate consumers to decide market forces. However, the customers sometimes need to be really smart, to deal inside the market. Here is the quick guide to become a smart buyer to deal with the market ideas.

1. Perfidy weighting

Weighing Machine tampering is one of the most commonly practiced technique to fool the customers. This is very necessary for the customers to keep a check onto such type of activities.

2. Receive Bill- Warranty/Guarantee card

Never forget to take bill/receipt against any of your purchases. Bills are the real assets, which could help you with your purchase in future, if needed. Additively, asking or accepting bills will help government also in fixing things.

3. Comparative mindset

Comparison in MRP,  is what we do frequently. However, comparison in quality needs the same level of focus too.There should be a fair bit of idea,  about different the brands and the products. And must conclude the purchase with the superior one.

4. Account for the Maximum Retail Price (MRP)

MRP stands for maximum retail price, it is the highest price set for the customer and one should never buy a product above this standardize price. Price charged above this can account for black money and it’s illegal.

5. Good Bargaining Skills.

The price set for a product is the highest amount held for that particular product. At times, the selling price and the cost price have larger margins for the shopkeeper beneficiaries. One must pick out the right item to bargain considering the knowledge about of profit scheme the shopkeepers is going to make. There are many item, which do not contain the MRP label, and hence it could be used to be fooled the customers.  So, better knowledge and a tough bargaining ability can prevent us from being fooled.

6. Reviews and References.

Reviews and references are majorly helpful, when you’re dealing in services especially. Reviews and references gives you a realistic idea about the product or the service you are going to hire.

Also, nowadays online reviews matter a lot, Check Out.


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