After investing hard work, dedication and three years of life, every student aims to choose a right career. Everyone have different goals and expectations related to their career. Many students aspires top positions, fame or high salary etc. as a successful career. Well according to professionals number one rule to be kept in mind while building career is don’t work just for the sake of money. Never let the zeros on your pay check blind you. There are many reasons behind this and some of them are listed below-

1. Room to grow

The first and foremost rule of a successful career is that wherever you work it should provide you a room to grow. Working just for meeting the requirements of day and pay monthly bills, can choke your career. The trap of money can glue you to a set positions and a set salary and will left no room to discover yourself.

2. Job satisfaction

‘Job Satisfaction’ is a subjective term in market of jobs. Everyone have different definition for the term. It is simply how content an individual feels with his or her job. Job satisfaction to some people means inclusion of passion and interest whereas for some people nature of work and appreciating environment bring more job satisfaction. The temptation of money resists many people from exploring what they actually want. Working for something uninteresting and meaningless only waste your time and make you feel underutilized. Job satisfaction is another career rule to be kept in mind while building career.

3. Potential for Achievements

While searching for job, make sure the company or job have potential for achievements. Earning money monthly without progressing and developing in career make the job work boring and again leads to stagnant career. The possessions that money bring can never match up the sense of achievement gained after hard work. Achievements not only boost self-confidence but also bring inner peace and leads to much bigger success.

4. Look for challenges

A healthy work environment is one which is filled with challenges. Many people prefer to stay on safer side by continue working for boring jobs without challenges. For a successful career always looks for challenges and embrace them. Challenges in job work as well as life bring a chance to develop new set of skills and help in forming problem solving attitude which are more of value than money. Further, if you have gained skills and values, you are definitely on right path toward success.

5. Opportunity to learn

Your job should give you opportunity to learn. It should be top factor while looking for job and career. One should always surround themselves in an environment where they can learn and develop new skills along with earning. If you take a job just for the sake of money then the opportunity to learn and discover will be lesser. The curve of career growth grow only when you learn new possibilities and new skills.

The most important thing to look while choosing a job is self-contentment. Individual should be able to take risk and avoid fear of disappointments. The curve of career graph is never straight and if it is straight surely you are missing out something which is progress.  For a progressing successful career you need to step out of your comfort zone and do what you actually want to do. If you have enough interest in work, the productivity of your work will increase proportionaly and hence will lead to more opportunities and more money.

~Anushikha Chaudhary

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