What to do after 12th commerce

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‘What’s next’ What to do after 12th commerce? is one of the most exciting and intriguing question-answer game but one can lose at it terribly if they haven’t researched their options well.

Before enrolling yourself in any course and locking your options, introduce yourself to several other paths that lay before you in various spheres. Get digging by scrolling below.

1. Hit the trodden tracks.

What to do after 12th commerce

Some of the most popular commerce courses include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (B Com (Hons) or Pass), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Statistics, Bachelor in Arts (Mathematics). In this big list, the good news is that almost all of these courses are offered by the University of Delhi.
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2. Foreign Trade and Government Jobs.

What to do after 12th commerce

However, lucky us, there are many of the top courses as well that lead us to some unique working job positions and not the regular corporate world we usually see. One of such courses is Bachelor of Foreign Trade Management and then there are various jobs in fields like IAS, IFS, and IPS. To get selected for these posts, students have to clear entrance exam and graduates from almost any field can apply for any post in most of the cases.

3. Integrated courses.

What to do after 12th commerce

Several universities offer a degree combining your BBA and MBA calling it an integrated program. IIM Indore, VIT University Vellore and IIT Kharagpur Vinod Gupta School of Management are some good institutes to begin your research with!

4. Certification Courses for Major Breakthrough.

CA is a qualification in Chartered Accountancy that equips a student with thorough knowledge of auditing, taxation, and accounting and is offered by ICAI.
ISCI offers students a course in CS- Company Secretaryship. Cost and Work Accountant (CWA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Planner are also some of the major courses to enter the corporate world with a stronger than ever edge. Some people also pursue bachelor’s degree alongside these courses.

5. Actuarial Science.

What to do after 12th commerce

One of the most demanding fields with abundant career prospects is actuarial science. It is the application of mathematical skills to various subjects (social sciences) to solve urgent and important issues for various industries like insurance, business, government and academic research. In brief, they analyze financial costs of risks and uncertainty. Some common actuaries are health insurance, life insurance, property and casualty insurance actuaries etc.

6. Go Abroad.

What to do after 12th commerce

UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore are some of the top places. where one can go to grab the experience of studying in a diversified culture. One needs to clear the IELTS exam to prove their proficiency in English (it’s an easy exam) and they are ready to go. Benefits of studying abroad are at length discussed.

7. Other Professional courses.

Apart from the common tracks, any student, irrespective of previous study discipline, can excel in Law (LLB), Architecture, Hotel Management, Bachelor of Arts, Design, Fashion Design, Retail Management or Event Management. All you need is to select the institute from where you can grab these certifications or diplomas. Note that the issuing authority must be affiliated to or verified by UGC or equivalent.

Still not satisfied? Career selection is one of the most important yet confusing and exhausting processes. but trusts me it is never too late. Research deeply in these points and let us know in the comments where are you headed?

Divya Singal


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