This article describes in detail how to meet a girl at a university or college and how to overcome your inner fears that haunt so many of the young people at such age.

What are the dating options?

There are not so many variants to meet someone in an educational institution. But there are. So, how can you make new acquaintances in school? First of all, you should pay attention to your appearance. Clothes and hairstyle should be neat. Secondly, you should pay attention to your behavior. You should not behave twitchily; you should not fuss when meeting. When meeting you should behave confidently and calmly enough. On this depends the success of dating. The success also greatly depends on how you treat your companion – you should be as gallant as possible when talking to her.

Examples and phrases

Below, you can read examples and phrases of how you can and how you cannot get acquainted in school.

Bad ways to start a conversation:

  1. You, with a couple of friends, are going to a lecture class. In the elevator or near the elevator, you meet her. Amidst the laughter and hooting of your buddies, say to the girl: “Hey, chick” and laugh awkwardly. Do not be surprised if, after that, a self-respecting girl will, at best, just leave, and at worst, she will also slap you in the face, and then leave.
  2. To draw attention to of a girl to yourself, you should not behave aggressively towards her.
  3. The most “successful” version of starting a conversation is to meet a girl, and then begin to communicate with her like this: when she walks next to you and tells you something, you need to turn on the player and drop one of the earphones out of the ear from the side of which the girl is walking. If she goes to the other side and continues to talk, then the earpiece needs to be moved to the other ear. And now, we will consider good ways of acquaintance:

It is worthwhile to contact a girl if you are not in a company. It is better to come up to the girl at such a moment when she is disposed to communicate. For example, you can come up in the dining room and ask permission to sit by her table. You should follow by starting a conversation, asking her name and all that. Ask what group she is from. Just remember, if it isn’t going too well – online dating is always the way; you can find a lot of great and wonderful people by using this website. Be sure to check it out!

What phrases can I start a conversation with?

First of all, you can say bon appetit. When a girl finishes her meal and starts drinking tea, you can ask what her specialty is. Ask whether she likes to study. Tell about your specialty. At the end of the conversation, ask for her phone number. If you want to come with her to a bus stop, you should ask permission to do it. Next, ask what her name is, ask about her hobbies, and again, ask for a phone number. To offer help is also a nice idea. If a girl drags alone a large bag with a pile of books, you can offer her to carry it for her.


There is a way of dating. Look carefully at the girl. If she is not in a hurry, this is the right time to go. Meet her eye to eye. Smile at her. Surprise her. For example, you can start a conversation with the phrase “You have a beautiful smile!” (while implying a further conversation) It is unlikely that she would refuse this form of dating. Communication during dating at the university should be respectful.

Remember that the best way to care for a girl is gallantry. Help her to carry a bag, give her a hand whenever possible. Buy her small gifts.


Always remember that, when you meet a girl, you need to be confident in yourself; you need to be gallant in relation to the girl. The most important thing is that the crowd of friends is completely useless if you have a desire to meet a girl. And most importantly, you need to be yourself when meeting. Do not try to seem better than you actually are, giving a bad image is harmful in the long run.


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