So, you’re considering a career in advertising. With huge innovative developments in electronic media, Advertising has grown into a full-fledged industry. These days even for a common product or service, entrepreneurs want to advertise it and carry out a campaign for targeting audience. The advertising industry is one of the industries that keep on reshaping itself and hence the employment opportunities rarely decrease. If you also want to make a career in advertising industry but have no idea of How to Make Career in Advertising. Then, here are some strategies you can use for a successful career in advertising.

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1. Go for some course.

How to make career in advertising

If you really want to forge ahead in the advertising industry, you can go for some course. Since the competition is high in every area, you need to stick out a mile with your learning and knowledge gained through some course. You can learn such courses online according to your comfort.

2. Do Internship at an advertising agency.

How to make career in advertisingAn internship in an advertising agency is a first stepping stone toward building a career. One of the biggest advantages of having an internship is that it enables you to gain first-hand experience and real-world exposure which will enhance your portfolio. You get to work in team environment, handle conflict and pressure in the workplace. Even you get chance to rub along with a diverse group of people and develop strong communication skills. Apart from this, you get paid for your work and efforts.

3. Start doing freelance work.

How to make career in advertising

Freelance work is best for amateurs for not just honing skills but due to another benefit, you get. As a freelancer you can work according to your scheduled hours, have the freedom to accept projects from clients that interests you and can come up with your own rates. For breaking in as a freelancer, you should have an online portfolio with relevant samples ready. After it, you just need to approach small businesses first or you can join such group or networks of agencies that hire freelancers.

4. Create speculative advertising.

If you think you have potential and innovative thinking that advertising industry wants but lack experience to showcase in your profile or portfolio. Then you can create spec ads i.e. speculative advertising. These are the ads that you have written or created yourself for a client without their request. It is a simple way to demonstrate your creativity and inventive mind. You can upload your spec work on Social Media for it to get noticed. You can as well display you spec work beside original ad of a brand in your portfolio to highlight your talent in some interview.

 5. Apply for entry-level positions.

How to make career in advertisingWhile advertising is a great field to work in, yet for fresher, it is hard to get a big break into agency’s door. Chances are less likely to get your dream job in just one try. Hence, it is better to just land up even at a simple entry-level position, where you might need to do work out of your job description. Majority of the employees who prove themselves with their dedication to work managed to get on a higher level. You can look for such jobs on job search engine sites like monster and and can search based on the type of job you are looking for. If you are not satisfied with the type of work, you can use this experience at somewhere else.

6. Spend time in networking.

How to make career in advertising

The biggest factor behind landing up at a job in the desired field is ‘Networking’. Try to build more and more relationships with people. Form a broad network of people. It can include your relatives and their connections in the same career field of advertising, even the alumni of your colleges, your professor or even your neighbor who work in the same industry. Such networks act as sources of information. The world is a small place you never know who is impressed and gets ready to helps you!

7. Contact radio and TV stations.

How to make career in advertising

The major employment areas in adverting industry are Radio and TV stations. One can opt for TV advertising as a multimedia artist, who need to develop advertisement using different computer software. Some other jobs available in TV/ radio advertising are TV/radio ads sales agent (who sell ad space on TV/radio) and Media Planner. Working at Radio or TV station, unfortunately, do not pay much but possibly will help in setting foot in the advertising industry and business. Moreover, the professional environment will allow you to increase your network that may lead to bigger opportunities.

8. Be determine for a career in advertising.

How to make career in advertising

As said ‘The price of success is hard work, dedication, and determination’. There will be multiple times where you may face failures and get rejections but if you are determined and devoted to your career nothing can stop you.The biggest thing that matters in your career building process is your passion and dedication. Passion to grow and learn emphasizes the most employers. If you are a passionate enough toward your career, present them in your actions to employers.

The advertising industry is much bigger than expected. You feel that you are not much creative? Or you are not much familiar with those graphics software? Don’t worry, there are a number of positions in advertising industry you can go for. There are positions/areas like accountant Executive, media department and Sales management etc. etc. which do not require specific skills like graphic designing. It is just that you need to look for a career that suits you well. Keep on exploring careers in advertisement industry until you get the one that interests you the most.

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