How to prepare for DU JAT in one month


There are many students who are worried that how they can prepare effectively for the DU JAT exam in one month and score maximum marks.

In this article, we have given a study plan that every candidate should follow and implement in their preparation so that you can effectively prepare for the DU JAT exam and score well.

The DU JAT exam consists of a total of four sections and all these sections are very important and required consistent practice. Generally, the candidates should focus on the important topics and practice them regularly.

Here we have listed some of the important topics that you should study more and practice for the next one month of your preparation.


SectionsImportant topics for exam point of view
General EnglishReading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms, Fill in the Blanks, Subject-Verb Agreement, Analogies and Etymology
General AwarenessBusiness, Economics, History, Politics, Current Affairs, Science and Computers
Reasoning and Analytical AbilityCoding & Decoding, Symbol Based Logic, Family Tree & Directions, Arrangements: Linear, Circular, Matrix Arrangements, Groups & Conditionality and Logical Series
Quantitative Ability or Quantitative aptitudeNumbers, Profit & loss, Fractions and Decimals, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry: Lines, Angles & Triangles, Polygons, Circles & Mensuration, Permutations & Combinations, Probability and Determinants


  • To score good marks in the English section you should more work on your vocabulary and language. It is not possible to develop vocabulary within one month, so for this section, you can go through the previous year’s question papers and practice questions.
  • For the preparation of the general awareness section, you should read newspapers regularly and give more focus on current affairs.
  • The Reasoning section is one of the most scoring sections in which you can score out of marks. The only thing is required to score maximum marks in the reasoning is speed and accuracy.
  • The questions from the reasoning section are designed to check the analytical skills of the candidate. The candidate should practice several questions and try to improve question-solving speed.


Strategy to prepare for DU JAT in one month

  • As there is very little time is remaining for the exam, you have to cover the whole syllabus. You have to study at least 8-10 hours a day.
  • In the starting, you may feel complex and confused but you must stay patient and study well for the exam.
  • Make a perfect strategy for the preparation for the DU JAT exam, take a pen and paper and write your weak areas and strong areas and devote more time for preparing on your weak areas and analyze previous year du jat exam paper to get the complete idea on how the questions are framed.
  • Start from the hard topics and then move towards the easy topics.


Following are some points that you should implement during your preparation of DU JAT exam.


  1. Devoting time to each subject


Before starting the preparation for the DU JAT exam, plan and devote time to each subject and also keep some time at the end of the preparation for Revision.


  1. Practicing previous year question papers
  • It is a little bit difficult to prepare for such a highly competitive exam within a month.
  • To improve your score and prepare effectively for the DU JAT exam within a month, you should solve DU JAT previous year’s question papers.


  1. Revision 
  • Revision is the only way to memorize complex concepts and data for a longer time. By only preparing the topics only single time is not enough to score good marks.
  • Many times, students found it difficult to recall the concepts at the time of the exam. This is due to a lack of revision.
  • It is recommended that the students should revise the topics at least three times after studying them.


  1. Time Management
  • When you are preparing for any competitive exam then time management plays a vital role. You have to prepare the complete syllabus of the DU JAT exam within a month.
  • Prepare a To-do-list every day and work on it. Prioritize your tasks and try to achieve at least 70% + of your list.


  1. Attempting Mock Test series
  • In the last days of the month when you have completed the maximum syllabus of the DU JAT, you can attempt mock test series.
  • It will help you to practice various types of questions and help you to know the areas on which you have to work more so that you will not lose any marks in the DU JAT exam.


It is recommended that every candidate who is preparing for the DU JAT exam should follow the above Tips and prepare well for the exam and score maximum marks.



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