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The DU societies have turned to the online mode. Therefore, after online admissions, online orientation, and online classes, it is most likely that the auditions for the societies of the colleges will happen online too.

President of Adhrita: The Indian Dance Society of Hindu College, Arvada said that they were conducting online auditions in two rounds. Students who are interested will be sending a two-minute video of them performing any dance form in round one. For the second round, they will be conducting an online workshop with a choreographer and the choreographer will judge the ability of these students to learn within a stipulated time.

When it comes to handpicking the best talent for their ECA societies, the Stephanians aren’t behind. Hamza Matto, vice president of Bazm-e-Adab which is the Urdu Literary Society of St. Stephen’s College said that of course, every society wants the best talent to join in so that competitions and fests can be real fun.

How is life being in photography society at DU?

He added that the USP of their society is qawwali night and Eid lunch, but those things cannot happen online. They had organized an orientation for the students online, recently. There, everyone recited poetry live and the freshers were introduced to the old society members. They all enjoyed themselves even though it was a very different feeling to meet digitally.

Offline auditions are being preferred by most society presidents, but the freshers have shown such enthusiasm for online activities that the presidents of these DU societies do not have any problem in changing the mindset during the pandemic.

Fatima Naz Jamali, president of Moksh which is the Dramatics Society of Sri Aurobindo College said that all of this was difficult for them however, they had to do this for the time being. They started with an orientation and introduced the society, digitally, to the freshers. She said that since the semester has begun late this year and the exams are around the corner, they need time to prepare.


Jamali added that in the next few months, the auditions will be held digitally. They are hoping that the campus might reopen by then. For now, they are forming WhatsApp groups and updating the video of their society’s performances from the previous years so that the freshers can understand how dramatics society works. They have been receiving endless calls from excited freshers about the happenings of the dramatics society. They might ask the students to act impromptu in the auditions. They will be having online sessions where storytelling, scriptwriting, and dramatic society’s games will be taught, later.




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