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Joining societies is always fun as it helps you to relax form studying those tough thick books and who knows your hobby become your career someday! Most of Delhi University colleges have a photography society or club such as ‘Projekt’ in Lady Shri Ram , ‘Pinhole’ in Guru Tegh Bhadur or ‘Iris ‘ in Gargi college that are discovering ‘Photography ‘ as an art or creativity giving another perspective to the word itself. Here is what being in photography society feels like-

1) Meeting similar peoples

Joining societies always provide platform where you can meet similar people, people who are filled with same level of passion and fondness toward a single subject, so does joining photography societies at DU. Photography society at DU colleges provide a chance to keep and discuss your innovative ideas related to the field   with the peers.

2) Not just about clicking

Photography society is just not about clicking what you see, it include taking snapshot of every minor detail that enhances the photo and the image that one can rarely see. Keeping lightning, composition and framing etc.  in mind they trip the shutter release button .

3) Qualities that photography feed in you

Photography societies are not limited to clicking and capturing; appreciating others creativity is very much a part of these societies. A mind who cannot appreciate can never create. These societies provide opportunity to students to work as a team, organize events, photo booth and exhibitions which are always flooded with out of the box photos and help to get recognition in the field. Student in this society rarely have DSLR but they always mange to click photos, so you see helping nature in them as well!

4) Photography as a competition

Whenever a word ‘competition’ is added, a race and challenge is there to perform better among students and the word magically brings the best and inventive photos. Competition in photography acknowledge pioneer who have ability to be futures leading photographer. Du photography societies organize such competition which help student to know their level better and critics helps in giving an improvised version.

4) Capturing reality

If you really want to be a professional photographer, then DU photographing society can assist you in thriving. Photography societies provide student opportunity to cover real events of colleges. Memories that one want to decorate in album is all captured by students of photography society.

5) Clicks out of college

What about capturing Delhi? Delhi have a history behind that reside in its mesmerizing monuments like Humayun Tomb, Safdurjung Tomb, Lodhi garden and Hauz Khas village or crowded areas esteemed between youth like Chandni Chowk or Connaught place. DU photography societies provide all these visits.



6) A little farther

Clicking out of Delhi is fun as well and students who are member of photography society enjoy this the most. Mind blowing trips out of Delhi are organized for scenic views and enthusiastic places for a better grasp in field.


7) Explore creativity

Isn’t photography a whole unexplored world? If you want to carry out this hobby as a side profession than joining photography societies is must when you are in DU. It give a wonderful experience and enrich exposure that a photographer needs. . Exploring photography as an art will even help in breaking stereotype against photography.

By- Anushikha Chaudhary


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