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DU Admission 2020: The University of Delhi is going to release the cut-off list for DU admission on October 12 and end on November 13.

The university has seen an increase in the number of applications for undergraduate courses. 3,53,717 applications were received for this year’s academic session. Last year, Delhi University received around 2.58 lakh applications for undergraduate courses.

While taking admission to Delhi University students always have some common queries. So in this article, we will discuss some FAQs by students.

Ques 1: I have not studied mathematics in 12 so can I take admission to B.Com (Hons) or Eco (Hons)?

Answer: No, if you don’t have mathematics in 12th class then you can not take admission in these courses. Math is compulsory for B.Com (Hons) or Eco (Hons).

Ques 2: Is it compulsory to add math in the best four for B.Com?

Answer: If you want to pursue B.Com (Hons) then it’s not compulsory to count math in the best four. It only depends upon you, If you want to count it or not. You just have studied math in you 12 for admission in  B.Com (Hons) or Eco (Hons) in Delhi University.

Ques 3: Can gap year students apply for Delhi University admission?

Answer: There is no need to worry if you are a gap year student. As you can easily get admission in Delhi University without facing any deduction in your marks.

Ques 4: After the cut-off released will we get admission on a first-come and first-serve basis?

Answer: There is not any first come and first serve basis policy. If you have qualified the cut-off then you will definitely get admission to Delhi University within the given time period.

Ques 5: Can I apply to two different colleges for the same courses?

Answer: NO, you should not do something like this. In these cases, your admission will be canceled from both the colleges.

Ques 6: Can I use my parent’s caste certificate for admission to Delhi University?

Answer: Again answer to this question is ‘no’. The caste certificate must be on your name and also signed by authorities only then it will be valid.

Ques 7: Do I have to Fill another form after the first cut off?

Answer: If you don’t get admission within the first cut-off list then you just have to wait for the next cutoff. You need not fill any other or new form after the first cutoff.

Ques 8: Can I do a diploma in a foreign language with my regular college degree?

Answer: yes, you can do a diploma in a foreign language with your regular college degree. Many colleges of Delhi University provide foreign language courses in French, German, Spanish, etc.

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Ques 9: Should we calculate the best four marks percentage or best three marks percentage for admission in DU?

Answer: The answer to this question is very simple if you are an art or commerce student and want to take admission to B.Com (Hons), B.Com program, Eco (Hons), English (Hons), etc then you will calculate the best four marks percentage. whereas if you are a science student and want to take admission in Physics (Hons), Chem (Hons), or Botany (Hons) then you will calculate the best three marks percentage.




  1. Since my aadhar card has my surname and my other certificates don’t will it be an issue during offline verification? Cause i can’t see a way to correct info on aadhar card..

  2. Question:)
    Will there be any kind of leniency while admission in the marks like if any cut off qualifies 97% then can any student get admission with 96.75%?
    And the documents required for admission.


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