Delhi University’s Special Exam Concession for Republic Day Participants

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In a meeting, Delhi University introduced a special provision for students involved in the Republic Day parade. The DU exam concession allows them to compensate for any missed exams during this period.

Extending Support to National and International Sports Events

DU is contemplating extending the DU exam concession beyond Republic Day parade participants. They are thinking to include students representing DU in national and international sports events. These events include the Olympics. The primary focus remains on final-year students, particularly those from the NCC contingent . Specially the  Delhi group participating in the Republic Day parade on Kartavya path.

DU exam concession
Source: Hindustan Times

Ensuring Uninterrupted Academic Progress for Final-Year Students

Ajay Arora, the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) Examination, emphasized its importance. He said that this initiative aims to shield final-year students, involved in parade rehearsals facing academic setbacks.

The aim is to ensure these students can achieve their degrees without delays. Furthermore, the university is open to considering the inclusion of first and second-year students in the Republic Day parade, based on the number of students seeking such flexibility.

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Upcoming Datesheet and Exam Logistics

Arora assured that a datesheet for these special exams will release soon. The exams will get scheduled according to students’ routines. This can help them in avoiding clashes with other papers.

This thoughtful DU exam concession accommodates the diverse activities of its students.

Delhi University exam concession
Source: Hindustan Times

Promoting Learning Beyond the Classroom

Highlighting a broader perspective, Arora expressed the university’s eagerness to inspire students. They want the students to engage in experiences beyond traditional classrooms. The aim is to encourage learning from events like the Republic Day parade and other extracurricular activities.

Arora believes that such participation not only provides experience but also a sense of nationalism in young minds.

Republic Day Parade Participants in the Limelight

After looking ahead to the upcoming Republic Day parade. Observing a large presence, 2,274 cadets, including DU students are representing the Delhi Contingent.

They are set to partake in the NCC Republic Day march past. This move by DU reflects a commitment to holistic education. They recognise the importance of participation in national events with uninterrupted academic progress.




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