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With increasing Coronavirus cases in India, education and knowledge of students are suffering to a great extent. No doubt, students feel emotionally and psychologically sifted at this moment. To curtail the tensions of the students, the University of Delhi has recently provided students with a platform to carry on with their studies.

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The University of Delhi on Saturday launched a Virtual Learning platform on its official website. Virtual Learning Environment is a platform that provides learning resources for teachers and students. 

The platform provides a wide range of opportunities that will be made available to students and teachers on a daily basis. The Virtual Learning Environmental comprises of around 1500 video lessons, 29000 online quizzes, 20 online labs, and 50 online lectures. The initiative is meant to provide students with resources to proceed with their studies even in the times of lockdown due to coronavirus. The portal furnishes several collaborative tools to help teachers to teach and students to proceed with learning.

The platform is launched by Delhi University’s Life Long Learning, and it provides the undergraduate, postgraduate,  foundation along with several other courses. Though the courses are not complete, they will deliver adequate knowledge to students. Students can log in to the portal to learn about a wide variety of subjects ranging from algebra, history to film studies, and many more. 

The Coronavirus has made a worldwide impact in the last few weeks and continues to strike most of the divisions, with education and learning being the vastly affected ones. Students across the world are losing their precious time in education during the imposed lockdown due to fears of Coronavirus pandemic. The crisis has lead Universities, Colleges, and Schools to shut down and the understudies to stay back at home.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the education system has changed drastically with the distinct growth in online learning, whereby pedagogy is undertaken remotely on online platforms.

Since lockdown has been imposed the teaching has been taken completely online by the Delhi University’s professors. The teachers had been conducting daily online lectures to complete the course syllabus. 

The commencement of exams has been the biggest question for the teachers, students as well as for the University. Recently, in the notification, the University of Delhi stated that the examination of final year students will be taken through an online mode. The University proposed the idea of conducting an Open Book Exam for the final year students that are being opposed by both students and the faculty members. So far there has been no notice for the intermediary students regarding the commencement of exams. 

The University is issuing regular notifications to update the students regarding all the decisions being taken by the University heads. The Virtual Learning Environment is a recent notification released by University to benefit its students to get access to various knowledgeable materials and courses. Students can easily log in to the Virtual Learning Environment platform by going to the official website of Delhi University.




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