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On Sunday, Anjali Shriram reached the Kalkaji Exam center earlier than she had anticipated. But Shriram was worried about her mother who was accompanying her to the center during the coronavirus pandemic even though she has had heart surgery recently. Anjali is from Badshahpur, Gurugram. On the first day of the DU Entrance test, for many students, it was all about traveling large distances.

The students have to be trusting of the fact that they will be in safe hands when they sit for the exam and they might be able to secure a seat in Delhi University. There are hundreds of students who are traveling from across Delhi and outside to reach the several exam centers located in Delhi.

Anjali asked her 56-year-old mother to stay put, before going inside the center, and not to remove her mask.
The mother said that they had reached there with much difficulty. No buses were plying from their home to that part of Delhi. They had to book a cab and pay a lot of money for coming to the center.

Sanjay Sharma and Swati Sharma were also reaching the exam center from far off. The father-daughter duo had left their hometown Meerut early morning on a scooter and had traveled a large distance to reach Kalkaji to appear for the DU Entrance test.

Swati said that she wants to appear for this exam also because she wants to confirm whether good safety arrangements are being made or not since she has to appear for the Banaras Hindu University entrance tests also.

Himani Diwakar said that it is good that most centers are in Delhi and they were able to get a cab easily. Himani was traveling from Gaziabad to reach the examination center. Traveling from Burari, Sarika Bhatt said that getting cabs is easier in Delhi that is why they were not so worried about being late for the test.


The brother-sister duo of Laxman Negi and Gayatri Negi came for the DU Entrance test at Harkesh Nagar, Okhla Center. Gayatri was appearing for her MA in political science test while she is a graduate in political science from Gargi College.

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Gayatri said that arrangements at the center were good and the staff was also very helpful. Their temperature was checked at the entrance by a temperature scanner and their old masks were also asked to be changed. The authorities asked the students to sanitize and leave their bags outside. Between each student, a decent distance was maintained.




  1. My daughter’s centre was 35 kms. Away and reporting time was 7 am in the morning. This means have to travel around 5:30 in the morning. You believe that we should get public transport at that time. I have mailed to NTA-DU regarding the same but no reply came. They are just concern of finishing the exam not taking care how will the students come to the centre. There are so many centres near to our residence but alloted so far under such pandemic situations. My daughter failed to reach on time. Unable to sit for exam.

  2. I have two exams of mine on the very same day.On 11 th september….I have mu DUET exam as well as my university exam(BSc computer science) …What should i do now.And the centre is far away from my hometown that it is impossible for me.to give both the exams.I hope some changes could be make in the datesheet so that i will be able to give my both the exams.I “ll be able to secure my future.

  3. My exam centre is in New Delhi around 400 km to 500 km away from my home town. Their is lack of transportation and covid cases increased day by day their are so many formalities to cross one state to another. There are so many difficulties to attend duet exam. Me and my many friends left duet exam all of these reasons. Nta alloted the centre near 100 km range. So it can be possible we can attend our exam. Du think about those students who left their by giving one more chance.


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