Table of Contents

1. Before you set to have fun with colors, do not forget to splurge oil from head to toe. Go prepared and you’ll truly amplify yourself for your labor later.


2. Competitions like Dahi Haandi, Rangoli art competition are major spirits of Holi revelries. Be a part at these competitions for experience and entertainment.


3. Try to spend your day with your family. It will be more fun and pleasing than anything else.



4. Invite your friends at your place, share conversations, sweets and love. Make this festival a bit more worthful .



5. Colors are the core element for Holi celebrations, choose skin friendly and natural colors. Avoid using, synthetic and harsh colors, it’ll be very bad for skin.



6. Dance like crazy, yes! Please take this very seriously and don’t prepare for it. Those lively Bollywood tracks are just for your jigs.


7.Everything you love to eat, include it in your Holi menu. Also, add the seasonal favorites and enjoy your celebrations more with delicious preparations.



8.If you want to do something amazingly illegal, have some Bhaang. You can also try other items made of bhaang like ladoos, halwa etc. It’s all are completely okay!

9.Enjoy gatherings this season, be the guests at your house or crowd at Holi, meet everyone with cheerfulness and take their love and blessings.



10. Everything you do this Holi. Try to conserve water and make a happy resourcefulness, to help those who are in need.





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