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Jawaharlal University is not known for its courses but it is also popular for its addas too. These small eateries serve as popular hangouts not only for the JNU people but also for other colleges as well. The top places in JNU are attractively priced, crowded insanely which would serve you with one of the most tempting and flavorful food as well. Don’t expect it to have a classy ambience with comfortable seating .here food plays a huge role in almost all experiences  and explains why  dhabbas are the nerve centers of JNU campus life here we present you the top food picks:











1. 24*7 FOOD COURT:

This food court is near the Sabarmati hostel and is insanely a popular hangout for students in JNU. You must visit this place after 10pm at night where you would get the feel of JNU life.this place has an outdoor seating and serves north Indian and Chinese cuisine .it is extremely cheap here and it is arguably the most popular food joint in JNU.


This place is a shaan of jnu here it is often crowded with socially and  politically active students of jnu.this place has been there in the campus for almost 3 is ideal adda for sipping a hot cup of tea with meaningful convo’s and opens up till late terms of food,it serves one of the most amazing dishes starting from rs.5 which is quite unbelievable


3. JNU Library Canteen:

This place is situated next to the multi-storied central library,the library canteen is the ultimate destination for breakfast and evening snacks.this place is more than 25 years old which is known for amazing south Indian delicacies,rice and fish would get really cheap breakfast(rs 8 for idli,rs 4 for tea and rs 6 for special tea and much more..!)

If you want to feel the JNU thing and see the crowd  it is often crowded during library timings.

  4. Parthasarthy rocks(more of a hillock):

After having enough of khana this is the better spot of jnu where you can spend quality of time spending more time with friends in the open here jnu people come here between their classes or generally in the evening.this is the best place for couples and they would love this change as well…:p

By- Aashima Gupta


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